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Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Scrapping Hermit Comes Up For Air

No, I didn’t work on the new kit steady for 2-1/2 days. I don’t scrap during the weekdays 9-5 and well, I left that telegram yesterday! We played drowned water rats in the Motherland for much of the day!

We met Dad and Aunt Judy at the produce market in the Motherland just before 10 AM. It’s a huge market! I ended up bringing home a watermelon, a cabbage,some zucchini, tomatoes, grapefruits and a pomegranate. David says the pomegranate is ugly. I think that has more to do wit having never had a pomegranate before, t just looks strange to him. We bought a bag of Tootsie Pops before we went on our Labor Day trip. Tootsie brand has been introducing some new flavors into the Tootsie Pops. The new flavors are in specially marked bags of the pops, one new flavor to a bag. I’ve tried the watermelon, cotton candy and green apple, but tis bag had a new, new flavor, pomegranate!

Pomegranate is a fruit that has a higher appeal! It’s featured in Christian, Muslim, Greek and Roman art as a fruit to serve to God or the gods. I loved to eat pomegranates as a kid. (delusion of grandeur that long ago, huh?) Both of my parents were avid fans of fresh fruits and veggies and trying new things, but my Dad was especially a fan of trying things he’d never had before He’s in his 60s now and I’d be surprised if there’s a fruit he hasn't tried! Well, the pomegranate tootsie pop had enough of the actual pomegranate flavor to give me a taste for the real thing. Yanno, pomegranates are just not your usual Kroger fare! So, one came home form the market with us!

I also got some risotto rice, that might end up being part of dinner tonight. The afternoon will be a baking afternoon. David’s been craving cake to go with ice cream for dessert. I’m making a yellow cake with fudge frosting to go with the David’s mint chip and my pumpkin ice cream in the freezer. Pumpkin ice cream, mmmmmm..... I LOVE this time of year!

Whew! This week’s designer challenge was really a challenge for me! But pulling me out of my comfort zone is the purpose for this contest, right? We were given a color palatte to use to make a kit. My biggest problem and the source of my initial block was that I’m in full fall mode as far as designing and decorating goes. This swatch is definitely NOT autumn! I stressed over this one for a while, then inspiration hit me!

“I Cross My Heart”, shares its name with a song by George Strait, but George was singing about love, this kit is the love of the craft. My heart is cross stitched! I’ve been doing counted cross stitch since my high school days. I found a starter kit for it in the bargain bin and thought it would be interesting. I was hooked! Now I have all kinds of decor and kitchen stuff that’s cross stitched, including a train ornament that’s on a shelf in the living room. The great thing abut this kit is that even if you don’t cross stitch,it as that warm country feeling for scrapping other things too!

We had structure that we had to follow too. Our kits have to have 10-20 papers 15-20 elements, the alpha counts as one and two of the elements have to be layered elements. I have a layered frame and an embellished journal frame. We also had include one quick page.

Of course, for the competition, you’ll need to go to Stone Accents Studio to download the kit for free! You don’t have to be a member of Stone Accents Studio to download,but you do need to be a member to vote,, and I do hope you’ll consider voting for “I Cross My Heart!”

Download “I Cross My Heart” at Stone Accents Studio

I’ll have an add-on embellishment pack up this evening some time for you that you can download here. I’m also planning on doing some brag book pages for Monday night to remind everyone to vote!!

Stay Tuned!

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Veelana said...

I love the kit, but I cant view the page you're sending me to! I'd love to use it...