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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Letters From Home Quick Page

See what you can do with Letters From Home???

Dropping to say “hi!”

Did you like the Photoblog today? See IQ is just a number that doesn’t mean a whole lot in the greater scheme of some things. Take for instance toaster ovens. When a toaster oven is getting up there in years, just because something has always worked doesn’t mean it always will.

For as long as I’ve lived in this house, with this toaster oven, the “toast” setting has sufficiently toasted a corn tortilla. I mean, better than just sufficient, corn tortillas, that I get at the local dollar emporium in a pack of 36, toast up to perfection by putting two in side by side and pulling the lever down. When it pops, the tortillas are ready for a slice of cheese or a little jam for a great sack.

Ah, but Monday was not like that! Monday was torchtilla day! I turned around from finishing my coffee to see smoke rising up from the opening of the toaster oven! I pulled open the door, and flames spewed out!

So, what does this modern woman with a high paper IQ do? I yelled, “David! Help!” Then I started blowing on the flames like it was a birthday cake!

In my own defense, that did help. The tortillas ignited, not the toaster over, so once, the tortillas were out, so was the fire. But oh, the kitchen smelled like burnt torchtillas all day! Yuck!

Oh, while all this was going on, my macho and equally high IQ man was wresting with the kitchen fire extinguisher. We’re still not completely sure how it works. Looks like we both need to spend some time doing home fire safety studying!

The layout at the top was done with “Letters From Home.” That’s my Papa when he was in the Navy. The wife and baby are Grandma and my Mom. I’m really pleased with how the layouts I’ve done with that kit have turned out! I’ll be posting a sample layout with “Indian Summer” soon too. Between my 9-5 working on working, evenings with the Design challenge, my CT layouts and my heritage project and trying to find new ways to burn down the house, I’m pretty occupied!

In celebration of NOT burning the house down with a toaster oven and the possibility that I still might pull through to the second round of the contest, I decided to make that layout a quick page! I also made one with the Mommy and Wife stamps and bundled the two into one freebie!

Here’s the catch with this freebie - In thanks for hosting the design contest and giving the opportunity to all of us who entered it to try our hand at a possibility of a professional design placement, I’ve decided that I‘ll make this freebie a Stone Accents Studio exclusive for the duration of the contest. So, you can snag the freebie from the layout page at SAS!

If you are a member and haven't voted yet, won’t you please consider me as one of your votes? If you’re not a member, you can still download the freebie from the link in the gallery, but check out some of the other stuff they have in the shop and the challenges there! If you're downloading the quick page, you must scrap at least a little! Joining to try it out is free and if you do join, you get to vote! You don’t have to vote for me, but I’d really love it you did!

Download “Letters From Home Quick Pages” at Stone Accents Studio

If you have't voted yet, consider checking the box for "Letters From Home" by Nani!

Voting ends tomorrow at 6PM central time. I admit I’m kinda nervous about this last day. I’m not sure if I should be ready to delve into another design marathon Sunday or just a quiet day of scrapping or baking. I’ll know in less than 24 hours now!

Okay, back to scrapping for me!


No Reimer Reason said...

I'm nervous about the results too. I think I have refreshed that screen at least 50 times over the past two days to see if my vote count has climbed any or not. LOL!

I am anxious to see the next challenge. I wish it were up already so I could start brainstorming just in case I make it through.

Edna B said...

Good morning. Yes, I voted for you. I like your kit. (I entered at GDS - they have a similar contest - did not make it out of the first round. I wouldn't have picked me either, my LO was not very good)

Great minds and high IQ's think (and do) alike. Last night, I put on a pan of rice to cook, went in the other room and settled down. When I woke up, the place was filled with smoke, so I decided to take a look to see who was trying to burn down my house. Gee whiz!! It was me - my rice. Oh well.

Have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

Nani said...

It makes me feel less dumb to know I'm in good company, Edna! LOL There is a great kit, Fighting Fires and Saving Lives, in the contest that we can use to scrap the pictures of the remains of our homes...But I'd much rather have a hot fireman pic** to scrap with that! ;)

Amber, the nerves time is over since the announcement that everyone is making it to round two! Now it's just anticipation for the new challenge...so we can get nervous all over again! LOL

** call me crazy, but David and I have only been together for just under three and a half years. My idea of a "hot fireman" s still David in a Firefighter uniform. They told me that would wear off after the first year!