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Friday, September 5, 2008

Something New & Coming Attractions

Leaf River, Illinois

Such a short week and yet such a full week!

In the midst of a near personal meltdown set on my aging car absolutely dying in the middle of one of the busiest streets in Toledo and the horrors of the bill for the repairs flooding my brain, I managed to eek some really good job leads out of a short week and gain some great positive reinforcement abut my designing stuff as I embark upon my week one challenge in the designer contest at SAS.

Saturday, I was photographing the post office in Leaf River, Illinois, a habit not as passionate as water towers, but I like to have the post offices from small towns I visit for establishing shots for some of my scrapbook pages. Just after I snapped the shot, a John Michael Montgomery song started filtering through the creative fibers in my brain and I was inspired to jot down some notes for a new theme kit. Yes, it relates to the post office. That’s all I’m spilling just now. I figured I’d do it after the contest maybe even waiting to release it until just before Thanksgiving. It would go well with that time of year. So, I jotted down a page of notes in my ever present chocolate lounge journal and tucked it away to revisit later.

When I got home on Tuesday, I checked my email and there was an email directing me to the forum where the theme or color swatch for the first challenge had been announced. My eyes grew wide with the realization of some divine premonition. The idea I was so excited about from the weekend is a perfect fit for round one! So, all the scrapers who read The Chronicles, you’ll have the opportunity to own and use this kit a bit before Thanksgiving. It’s due to be completed and posted at Stone Accents Studio by the 8th, with voting opening on the 11th. More details to come!

I want to share a layout that I received using parts from my “Train, Train” kit!

Kathy sent me this card that she made for her brother’s birthday. Sweet!

Now Kathy has “A Perfect Summer Day” in her digital scrapbooking supplies too! Isn’t that simple? Just use some of the elements from any of my kits or element packs and I send you the links for more!

Of course, if you didn’t have a layout, you can now take the “Chronicles of Nani Seek and Know” quiz. After looking at a few of the results, I changed the minimum score to earn the kit to 70%, 7 right. If you don’t get 7 right the first time, take it again as often as you’d like. If you want “A Perfect Summer Day,” I want you to have it! David reads my blog whenever there is a new entry and a good portion of them are even abot him or in part about him and he would have scored 80% if I hadn’t stopped him from clicking the wrong answer on one. I promise that next time I do a quiz, it will be easier!

There will be a “next time” on the quizzes too. The first Seek and Know quiz is the close-out sale for “A Perfect Summer Day!” As the seasons change, so should the layout bonus, don’t you think? That sounds like an unveiling build up if ever I wrote one.


Introducing the new bonus for fall, “Indian Summer!”

This kit, which shares its name with a beautiful song performed by The Glenn Miller Orchestra, has 6 papers and 14 elements. It can be yours for showing me a layout you did that has Digitalegacies products in it! Now, if you don’t have “A Perfect Summer Day” and you don’t want to take the quiz, just send me 2 layouts and you can have both! Just tell me that you have “Indian Summer,” but would like “A Perfect Summer Day” when you send the second layout.

Finally this unrequested Friday, I have a small freebie for you! I got lots of comments about the word art from my sample layout that I did with “Daddy’s Little Girl.” It seems I’m not the only grown up little princess out there! So, I’m offering the word art I used, a png file, as an add-on for the kit. Now all of the other adult princesses can scrap about their Daddies too!

sorry, this link is expired

As always, I really love to get your feedback, preferably here at The Chronicles of Nani. It’s how I “get paid” for my work and it keeps me creating!

Now, make sure you check back in tomorrow after noon for another freebie for “Daddy’s Little Girl!” I am totally excited to be offering this one. If you like quick and gorgeous, you DON’T want to miss it!


Sherrie (RCMama) said...

Good Luck on the SAS contest. Let us know when it is time to vote!

Christi_scrapsalot said...

awwww your daddy's little girl quote is soooo sweet!