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Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Quiz About Me

I’m so behind on things today! It was an early morning to get David and his car in to the shop to have his muffler patched up. It’s not LOUD yet, but it sure is noisy! We waited to leave for a little bit because there was some serious rain and I saw one flash of lightning with close thunder when I was making my way downstairs.

I’ll be catching up on commenting on posts, including for some that I bookmarked for comments Friday, this evening. So if you’re concerned that I usually say hello and haven’t, that hello may be on its way tonight or tomorrow morning! Sometimes offline life is just so demanding! LOL

I’m also slower today because I quit taking my ibuprofen. I have to stop taking it Thursday because they want me off anything with a blood-thinner quality for a week before I go in to have the cyst removed. I didn’t take any last night and I had muscle spasms, one was pretty bad. So, I’m thinking the anti-inflammatory enhances the anti-spasticity pill. Since I can take one or two and I usually take one, I’ll take 2 while I’m not taking the ibuprofen. Ibuprofen is the only thing I take for pain, so I was worried, but the only difference I’m feeling today is that I’m stiffer, and the rain and cloudiness could be contributing to that. I stopped last night instead of waiting until Thursday because with plans for the weekend if I was going to be in unbearable pain without the ibuprofen, I’d have time to call the doctor and ask for something that I could take for pain. But like I said, more stiff, but the pain is no worse than usual. Has anyone tried Biofreeze? I think I might try that.

So, now I’m joining Heather at Acting Balanced for the evening edition of the Monday Quiz About Me

Acting Balanced

And now for this week’s questions:

1. Finish this sentence - The last movie I saw in the theater was...

Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows Part 2

2. Do you have any idiosyncrasies?

I don’t think there is anything about me that someone hasn’t considered idiosyncratic at one time or another.

** I like to arrive an hour before game time for baseball. However if I arrive after the first pitch, I can deal with it. BUT if the game is in a rain delay in the top of the ninth inning and it looks like it’ll go on for an hour and one team is up by 10 runs, I will NOT leave until play resumes and finishes or the game is officially called.

** There is a list of foods, favorites from people who are gone, that I will do whatever it takes to have present for Christmas entertaining. I want all spirits present and past to feel welcome in my home for the holidays.

** I’m a perennial teenager, I want to be noticed and spoken of, but I hate being watched. That’s the biggest reason I didn’t want a wedding; brides stand out too much and people watch them through the whole ceremony and reception.

3. What is your favorite clothing store to shop at?

Most of my favorite clothes come from Fashion Bug (or the Reds or Tigers MLB Team Shop.)

4. What fun things do you have planned for the week ahead?

Well, Seven years ago yesterday, David and I met face to face for the first time. The seven-year anniversary of our first date is Wednesday. This weekend is the Mensa Gathering where David’s multimedia train show was scheduled for Sunday morning, prompting him to contact area Mensans to personally invite them, in hopes of actually having people at the presentation. I was one of those people he invited, starting off an exchange of emails. Seven years later we share two furbabies, an address and a last name. It’s always a special weekend for us at that event!

And don't forget to add a 5th Question on your own blog so we can answer as we hop around!

Yesterday we went to my cousin Lisa’s house for a grill luncheon and family time. Our Aunt and Uncle from San Marino were visiting as well as our cousin, Sabrina with her daughter and new husband, Michele. (pronounced /mee-KELL-ay/) I realize that meeting your wife’s American family is p[art of the family obligation that go with marriage, but it had to be hard for Michele; he speaks no English! My American-born Aunt and I empathized because we’ve both been in that same situation where everyone is speaking a language you don’t, perhaps her more than me because she too came home to meet her new family that didn’t speak her language.

I’ve been in the situation where everyone is speaking Italian and I hear my name and know they’re talking about me but have no idea what they’re saying. In family gatherings on the Italian speaking side of the family, there are always bilingual translators, we had 5 yesterday, but of the seven remaining adults, 6 only speak English and only one speaks only Italian.

I understand just looking at everyone speaking another language at 100 miles an hour and you note that it seems like happy conversations, so you just smile…through dinner…and a couple hours of coffee and socializing. It’s exhausting! When everyone was leaving I asked my Aunt to translate for me as I held his hand in a handshake, “Welcome to the family.” He gave a warm smile and slowly said “thank you” in English!

So, after that lead up… MY question for you:

Do you speak, read or understand an additional language? What’s your native language and what is your second one?

I can communicate slowly in French, but I wouldn’t say I can carry on a conversation. I read a little Italian and understand some, but not as fast as my family members speak it.


Edna B said...

I love your photos. I've never seen that big red pig thing before so that was quite interesting. As for speaking other languages, I only speak and understand English. When I was a kid, I could speak bits of a couple other languages, but all of that is now forgotten.

I too come off sounding quite noisy sometimes, but I'm really quite shy and quiet. I guess it all depends on the situation at the moment.

I don't often plan ahead for the weekends because I work nights on the weekend, and the weather doesn't always play nice. I just usually go day by day.

Now I'm off to post my blog and then cook some breakfast for myself and Tootsie. You have a fabulous day. Hugs, Edna B.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Glad your getting by without your ibuprofen. Happy Anniversary on meeting your David face to face! I saw Five Year Engagement last night. It was funny!