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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Happy National Pretzel Day!

Credits: For Us by Pretty In Green

Today is National Pretzel Day! What a cool holiday to celebrate my favorite salty snack! David brought me a one-pound bag of twists yesterday so we could celebrate. Well, I’m the one who asked for them, but he brought the pretzels he likes too, so we’ll celebrate Pretzel Day together! The spicy brown mustard hasn’t been opened yet; today is the day!

Vintage? ish?

Okay, I usually consider “vintage” to be anything older than me because I’m almost antique-age, but I’m making an exception here because there is not one person in this book who isn’t retired from what they did when the book was published

This was a fund raiser for the Detroit Tigers charities in 1974, technically 12 years shy of antique, but I think still vintage.

Each member of the team, including coaches, front office and the broadcast crews, had a page that had two favorite recipes, usually as prepared by their wives when they came home, but occasionally as prepared by them. Ernie Harwell offered a recipe for gazpacho, which I think I need to try, and John Hiller’s wife had tips for low cholesterol meals after her husband’s heart attack.

My favorite Tiger, Al Kaline, had two recipes offered by his wife, Louise. Clam and Crab dip? Our Kaline could definitely eat with the man for whom she was named!

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April said...

And a HAPPY PRETZEL DAY to you, too! :)

Coloradolady said...

What a great cookbook!! I love that!! I did not know it was national pretzel day!! I should have gone and purchased some....happy VTT

Edna B said...

I did not know it was National Pretzel day either. But I do love your Tigers' cook book. How unique! I never knew that existed either.

I hope you did better with your shredding than I did. We got sidetracked and washed all the windows and curtains instead. Plus hung new curtains in my living room. Now I'm off to see other mischief I can get into. You have a fabulous day. Hugs, Edna B.