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Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Again?

Credit: Some Like It Hot by Connie Prince

It’s my Sunday, y’all’s Monday. Hmm…Not even close to any semblance of grammatically correct. What spills out of my fingers on the keyboard… hehe

A little bit of silly is always a nice thing to start any day with, especially Monday, the start of the week which sets the tone for the whole week! Silly weeks are better than grumpy weeks!

I could so have a grumpy week too. It would be a transfer of extra grump from last week, but I’ve chosen to channel my grumpy into creative endeavors. Have you noticed the coffee clusters to start recent posts? If I start the day without my Keurig Maker, I cluster coffee! Remember in the Friday Fragments I’d mentioned that David hadn’t moved it back yet. I’m not clustering coffee because I’m going through withdrawal from coffee. I cluster coffee because I have lots of excess energy now! LOL

David’s not in the dog house and I‘m not really that jittery, but I have been on a kick to improve my scrapbook clustering and I scrap coffee a lot because to me coffee is a social experience, not just a drink. So how is my clustering coming along?

Monday Mug Shot

I started this morning with a St. Louis Mug and ended up writing about Atlanta. So I did a little organizing and asked myself a question I heard often in last year’s Cincinnati USA ad campaign; “But wait, how did we get here?” I will even mention Cincinnati in the 6-piece set of mugs that explain how the Olympic Games eventually brought me to be threatened with being kicked out of Missouri! I’d follow me if you didn’t want to miss any of the pieces!

Bid Logo
Atlanta 96 Olympic Committee

This was the “bid logo” for Atlanta when they were hoping to become the host city for the 1996 Olympic Games. Atlanta was announced as the host city in 1990 and almost as soon as it was announced there was merchandising everywhere! Since I was totally in the thralls of plans to move to Atlanta at the time, I think I was almost as giddy as a local, except that I didn’t become jaded by the time The Games started because I was indeed NOT a local yet.

I was planning on adopting the Braves as my new home team, so I stopped to buy some essentials from home at The Braves Clubhouse Store when I was at CNN Center. It was at a Kiosk near the Braves Clubhouse store where I first saw this logo on my solo trip in 1990. I really had hoped to come home with a job and move after that trip and the thought of Atlanta getting the Olympics was really exciting. I was only 24 and had taken part time college courses and had a very small adverting consulting business. Looking back, I had young and sometimes unrealistic expectations at the time. When I saw a full Olympics kiosk at Underground Atlanta, and there was a mug, it was time to make a purchase!! It was my hope for something big for my future home!

Be sure to come back next week for the second mug in this set of Mug Shots!

Acting Balanced

1. Finish this sentence - I am glad it's Monday because...

Well, I really don’t have much in the way of a Monday anymore, at least right now. I’m not working, well except in the house, right now, so my week is David’s week. I sort of have a quiet Saturday, followed by Saturday, the one everyone call’s Sunday, and then today, Smunday. Tomorrow feels like a Tuesday, so I kinda live without a Monday right now.

But in the actual world of Mondays, I like them because it’s the start of the week and errands I have to do can be done during normal hours instead of everyplace opening late and/or closing early like they do on the weekend. Ever try to stop someplace for dinner in the summer after sundown on a Sunday? Ugh!

2. Where did you spend your last vacation?

Our last vacation was in upstate New York being bullied by the hurricane as to which way we could go. It was still a cool vacation, just not in all the places we’d planned.

3. Who is your favorite author?

Easy one! Alan Jacobson. Ever since I read The Seventh Victim as a free Kindle download, I’ve been hooked. Free e-reads are a great place to discover new authors! I’ve purchased the rest of the books I’ve read by him and I have one more on my wish list at Amazon!

4. What other Memes do you participate in during the week?

I do the Wednesday Hodge Podge at From This of the Pond and on Fridays I do the Friday Follow Four Fill-In Fun from Feeling Beachie, Five Question Friday from My Little Life and Friday Fragments with Half Past Kissin' Time

I also do, in less crazy weeks, Tell Me Tuesdays and Vintage Thingie Thursday with Coloradolady  and Barn Charm at Bluff Area Daily when I have an interesting new barn photo.

And don't forget to add a 5th Question on your own blog so we can answer as we hop around!

5. What do you enjoy more in blogs you read; lots of pictures, interesting stories, lots of pictures with captions telling the pictures story or interesting stories with some pictures to support the story?


Glo Haynes said...

Hey Nani, love the smunday!

I love an interesting story with many pictures to support it. I just think the pictures add a little something. Your stories are always so great, I love your mug stories!

Have a great day!

Edna B said...

I like the "smunday" thingy too. I agree with not staying grumpy for very long. I stomp around a bit, and then try to get over it by going on to the next thing. But I do think that a crabby day
every now and then is good for the soul and the reputation. I am, after all, the Mother In Law! I'm supposed to a bit on the crabapple side. At least that's what the songs and stories all say. I crab a little and hug a lot. It works. Now I'm rambling.... Nani, you have a wonderful night. Hugs, Edna B.

Rebecca Mecomber said...

Oh where did you visit in Upstate New York? I live here. :) Yeah, the two hurricanes in three weeks was *kinda* rough.

I really like interesting stories. A picture or two is always nice but not necessary.

Thanks for visiting my Freaky Frugalite blog! :)

Wayne W Smith said...

I life it when people give the history and/story about the pictures they post. I am guilty of not doing that though...perhaps I should reevaluate.