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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Checking Back In!

I know, I know, I’m a slacker this week, but really, I’m only a blog slacker! I’m been doing lots of work in the future woman cave this week, although I may be taking a break tomorrow. I’m having some tricky numbness in my right leg. It happens sometimes. I’ve mentioned before that it’s one of those warnings that I’m over doing things a little. I’m just impatient. I want things done faster than I’m capable of doing them. –sigh— I just have to learn to live with me! :)

I need to do some moving and photographing with my mugs. I have the disadvantage of being shorter than most of the mugs I haven’t done on my rack. Also the mug rack only holds about half of my mugs. I’m going to need to get David to help take down mugs on top, they need cleaned or dusted anyway. I’ll photograph them all before they are out back! If you are just aching for the memories attached to collectables, may I suggest, no, encourage you to visit Jennifer at Just Another Day for Shot Tales on Sunday. Same concept as the Mug Shot, but Jennifer’s collection is shot glasses. It’s a cool feature one her blog! Of course, you can just follow us both and get all the fun stories!

I didn’t do Tell Me Tuesday last week. The prompt was about something from your childhood you still have. I realized I have things from my mother’s childhood and things from Tori’s and Rina’s childhood, but not a lot from my own childhood! Now I suppose the one thing I was given as a child that I still cherish could be a lesson or a memory, but I wasn’t thinking that way last week. It’s probably because in going through all of my boxes of things, I was focused on the things. I had just found a card that my Mom made for Grandma when she was little; we’re talking construction paper, paste and crayons. It held up pretty well. As the White Tornado goes on and I get to the finish where I am adding a couple things to my cedar chest, that’s when I’ll discover something special that I kept and want to talk about. But then I’ll be able to take a picture and tell more anyway. But let’s move on past what I didn’t say last week to what I will say today!

Tell Me Tuesday

This week’s Prompt is

I’d be lost without my ___________.

Hmm… There are lots of things I’d be lost without. My glasses, Kindle, purse and as much as I hate it, I’d be lost without my phone. I’d be lost without my Gilenya…no, I’d be fatigued to the point of falling asleep with my head in dinner, perfectly aware that it was dinner I’d been sleeping in when I awoke, without my Gilenya.; not lost, just frustrated. Of all my things, I am quite lost without my wedding ring.

A couple years ago, David and I were going to Grandma’s for a couple of nights. We were leaving late Saturday morning after brunch. We’d planned to stop for brunch on the way out of town. While we were at the restaurant waiting for our orders, I looked at my left hand. No ring!

I gasped and told David we had to stop back at the house. He asked why and I told him that when I had done some dishes and cleaning in the kitchen that morning, I took my ring off and out it in the ¼ cup measuring cup by the sink.

David said it would still be there when we got home, but I didn’t want to leave for the weekend without it. I didn’t want to visit my Grandma without my ring. He was a little flustered with how panicky I was getting and we stopped to get my ring.

It seems silly. The ring is a symbol, not the marriage. It’s not like our relationship is on hold if I’m not wearing it. Still, most days it’s the only piece of jewelry I have on. And it’s an important symbol to me.


Jennifer said...

Oh thanks for the shout-out! So sweet of you, you are my muse after all. :) I completely understand the busyness, I feel like I'm running on all cylinders, and a few borrowed ones!

seamhead gypsy said...

I know what you mean about the ring. Back in the day, when I was still playing ball I used to wear my ring. One game I tossed the ball back to the pitcher (I was the catcher), my ring went with it but didn't realize it until a couple of pitches later. It was easily found with half the infield and umpire looking for it! From then on however I never wore it on the field but felt like I was doing something really wrong. I couldn't wait for the final out to put it back on my finger.