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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Credits: Warm Latte by Rose Made Designs

The big and best news today is the Keurig maker is back where it belongs; anyplace I can make coffee with it! Oh, one more coffee cluster today, but maybe tomorrow I’ll do a chocolate cluster. Then if I get chocolate, I’ll start doing money clusters!

Today I wanted to share a fun scrapbook layout I did with my Iowa water towers from my first visit to Iowa in 2008.

Iowa Waterbed Quilt
Credits: Sleepy Time Collab by Booland Designs, Darlene Designs, 
Deli Scraps by Min, Digilicious Designs, equAveziur, and Moon Designs, 
Quilt pattern is Tick Rack Toe by The Quilter's Cache/Marcia Hohn.

I know The Chronicles of Nani is frequented by a lot of scrapbookers and a lot of quilters too. I love quilt-inspired scrapbook pages. They are so much fun to do and can be done with digital or paper scrapping. I think the stitching is easier to do digitally, I can’t imagine drawing in the stitching by hand, but the pattern can still be done in paper without the stitching. I get my patterns for my quilt blocks at Quilter’s Cache on the web. The quilt templates are free to use for personal use projects and there are just TONS of patterns! Some of Marcia Hohn’s quilt patterns are better than others for scrapbooking, better space for photos or journaling, but they are all fabulous for quilting! Quilter’s Cache was definitely a bookmark on Grandma’s computer. It’s a great place for templates and inspiration!

Easter Barnnies

We shot some trains and even a few barns on our sunny drive Easter afternoon!

There is a larger barn and this little side building on US224, east of the Hancock Bicentennial barn, both with Mail Pouch chewing tobacco ads on them. The larger barn faces east and it was too late to get any lighting for a photo on the same day I shot this one, but I will go back to have the pair. Not a fan of the product, but I love the classic barn advertising!

This one is also on US224. I just like the barn! It’s weathered, but the colors are still rich. I like the stone base and the windows that give it almost a churchy-look.

And now a couple more Ohio Bicentennial Barns

The Hancock County Bicentennial Barn is on US224, just outside of Findlay, Ohio. It was the 15th of the 88 barns pained.

The Wyandot County barn’s Bicentennial logo has definitely seen better days! It’s on US23, south of Carey. I’m kinda sad to see the logo so weathered away. If I had been honored with a bicentennial logo on my barn, I want to touch up the paint every year…of course I’m not paying that bill! It was the 5th barn painted for the Bicentennial project.

See more great barns at Tricia’s Barn Charm at Bluff Area Daily



Carletta said...

LOVE the mail pouch one! That looks like tin siding and fairly new so I'm guessing someone did their own add. I like how they used the blue paint like in the originals.
The secong barn is a little church-like but that gives it lots of charm.
I have never seen a Ohio barn so faded. I bet that's the harshest weather side of it. I agree thought if it had been mine I would have kept it painted for the honor of it.
Great barn post!

Sarann said...

I love old barns and appreciate when people keep them up. It's one of my favorite parts about the drive to my in-laws in Iowa.

Beth said...

oh, what a great idea to catch all those water towers. love the barns as well. not sure which is my favorite. all so different & beautiful. i need to get to Ohio soon to check them out. (:

Anonymous said...

You hit the jackpot with these barns and man I love the one with the rock foundation! Easter Barnnies~cute, cracks me up! The Bicentennial logo is awesome.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree w/ you on the touch up paint every year or every so often at least... that one hasn't been painted in quite some time!

They're all beautiful, of course, esp the 2nd one! Love that stone foundation & I see the churchy-look you mean, too. I also love that huge sliding barn door on the side there

Wonderful captures & Thanks so much for joining =)

Carole said...

I love that one (US224) with the stone foundation. :-)

Nice shots.

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