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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wedded Barn Bliss

July 12, 2009
Wedded Barn Bliss

This was taken the Sunday of our Wedding Reception weekend.  We had a baseball doubleheader picnic on Saturday with fireworks and on Sunday, railfan friends met us at 6:30am where we picked up McBreakfast and went railfanning, in our bride and groom hats, in the area between Fostoria and North Baltimore, Ohio, before meeting the rest of our guests for the luncheon.

What a fabulous weekend it was!

I'm participating with Tricia at Bluff Area Daily in Barn Charm.


April said...

How fun! I'm sure it was enjoyed by all!

Beth said...

what a great place to have a reception. looks like such fun. (:

Keetha Broyles said...

Nani, what in the WORLD is "railfanning?"

And, you are a newlywed??? How in the WORLD did I miss THAT bit of news? Congratulations.

Bev said...

How cool!!

Genie said...

That photo of you two just warms my heart. It is precious. The barn is a nice one. Great paint job on the silos and the paint looks to be new, too. The tractor is one of the giant green monster. What a great find. genie

Anonymous said...

Congratulations... and love the barn...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like ya'll had a great weekend... beautiful red barn, green John Deere, & love the RR crossing sign! =)

Thanks for joining =)