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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Big Salsa Tears

It’s a sad day for the salsa on my counter. It was anxiously waiting for Mr. Celery to grow tall and tender so it could be scooped up in its ribs and make a wonderful snack together. It wasn’t meant to be. Mr. Celery is gone.

David and I were gone for the weekend and were home long enough to decide to go to the Mud Hens game this afternoon. We had a late dinner after the game and after I put the chicken in the oven, I washed a couple of cups and glasses. From where the sink is, I can see the table that has all the plants on it. If you remember, Mr. Celery stood up over the sides of the planter and was getting taller. When I looked at that planter, it looked empty!

I walked over to the planter and the three ribs that had grown so far were lying on the dirt. They felt soft and wilted, like celery that had been left on the counter overnight. But the soil was moist, it couldn’t be dried out! And it wasn’t dried out at all. Quite the opposite!

I lifted the shriveled leaves of what had been the longest rib and it pulled right up, the bottom rotted away. In fact all three ribs were rotted!

I’m really not sure what happened. I watered it last week when the top of the soil was dry. Perhaps the soil holds the water so well it was only dry on top. Maybe I put too much water in when it was dry. I do know when the base and root system of a plant rots it’s from too much water.

After digging up the balance of the rotten original core, I’m going to take the mostly concentrated soil and mix it evenly with the bag of regular potting soil. I think it’s more potent than I am used to, or perhaps just too concentrated for celery. After mixing the soils, I’m going to try basil seeds and see if my thumb is greener for herbs!

Goodnight Mr. Celery. Thanks for a few weeks of wonder! The salsa has asked for a bag of Baked Tostitos for comfort.

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Edna B said...

Oh dear, I'm so sorry to hear of Mr. Celery's passing. Makes me wonder if I should plant mine. I have a brown thumb to start with so the celery would have to do most of the work of staying alive by itself. You're right though, it did give you a few weeks of happiness. Maybe that's what it was meant to do. Oh well, I' at work. You have a great night. Hugs, Edna B.