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Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Friday!

I hope everyone’s Friday is going well! Mine is good, but a little crazy, so let’s visit the Friday meme world while it’s still Friday!


This week’s statements:

1. After a long day, I like to ___
2. ___is my favorite cleaning product
3. I can’t stand to watch ___
4. I want to ___ when I ___.

1. After a long day, I like to make sure there’s dessert after dinner and enjoy it with a good cup of coffee.

2. ___is my favorite cleaning product… Seriously? Favorite cleaning product?? Does that go with favorite household chore? Okay, I don’t like not having Windex, but I’ve never thought of it as a favorite anything.

3. I can’t stand to watch 30-40-50-something adults acting like college kids after exams. Grow up and put the bottle down before you get stupid-drunk.

4. I want to start putting money away for our 10th anniversary trip when I have a job, as soon as I have a job. We’ve been married 3-1/2 years. I want a money-is-no-object trip for 10!

1. Are you a napper?

Not really anymore. Before I started my meds I was one nap shy of narcoleptic.

2. What was your favorite subject in school? Most hated?

I loved language classes in high school, French and just about anything from the English department. The teacher I used to disagree with the most in class taught my American Lit class and as much as we disagreed, she was fabulous in introducing me to some of the authors I still really enjoy today. My defiant teenager side loved arguing with her in class and my looking back adult respects and appreciates how much I learned from those debates!

In college, I couldn’t get enough of marketing and business classes.

The subjects I disliked the most were German in high school; freshman year before I switched to French and the only failing grade I ever had! In college, I was pretty bored in the Purchasing class I took. Yes, it was a business class, but not really the part of business that interested me most.

3. Did you have the something old new borrowed and blue at your wedding? What were they?

You know, when my brother got married the first time I made sure Dee had all those things and lent her my bracelet Noni brought me from Italy to make sure she had something borrowed. As for me? Well, I wore blue the day I got married, but I was a totally unconventional bride.

4. What one thing are you determined to do this summer

Get the boxes moved that need moved so I can finish up the White Tornado work I started. All is at a standstill right now until mid-June, when we might have some time to get things moved. It’s a subject that makes me sad. I can’t do as much on my own as I wanted to.

5. Ice cream or Popsicles?

I like both, but popsicles are a quick sweet fix on a hot day. Ice cream is a food group!

**  After coloring it Tuesday evening, yesterday was haircut day. Here is the result:

Got my bangs back! Jamie, my stylist, does such a great job on me!

**  After Scotty’s birthday party on Sunday, it’s Tori and Rina graduation week! I’ll be leaving with my Dad on Thursday morning so we see them receive their diplomas Thursday night, then we’ll be with the girls on Friday as a family day. I see Coldstone in that future! I’m kind of geeky about the trip and any time I can get to steal away my high school grads!

**  My moisturizer arrived today! I don’t skimp when I buy makeup because that’s one thing I’ve always considered important to have quality. I mean we’re talking something that is right on and soaking into my face. I can’t understand why you'd enhance your look with something that will cause it to slowly diminish. So, my makeup products have to be quality. That means they cost some money too! My preferred brand is Clinique and if I’m not wearing makeup, which is actually more days than not, I still wear Dramatically Different Moisturizer; have since I was about 21 years old. I think it has a lot to do with why people say I look younger than my age. It could be heredity too. Strangers always assumed I was Mums’ granddaughter. She often fished for the compliments when she corrected them, “You look way too young to have a great granddaughter at all, let alone one her age.” Somehow I think that was much more a compliment for her than me. “Great granddaughter her age, indeed!”

Anyway, when I buy my pricey moisturizer, I try to time it with Clinique Bonus Time, to get the free travel sizes and even full sizes on things. This month I got a compact with 2 eye shadows and a blush. There’s also a small mascara, travel face wash and moisturizer and 2 full-size lip products. The lip-gloss is a little dark for me. I have naturally dark and lip-colored lips so I usually just wear Chap Stick to keep them moist. At one time I had a clear lipstick that felt so good on my lips but they discontinued it so I went back to lip balm. The free lipstick this time is Pink Bamboo and it’s the exact color of my lips! No kidding, I put it on my lower lip and the upper still matched! So cool! I usually give the lipstick away, but I think I’m keeping it this time.

**  One last note, if you are a fan of Simon’s Cat, and certainly if you haven’t seen any of the Simon’s Cat videos, you must check out this super-cute (and accurate) one!

Have a great weekend!


Hilary said...

Your cleaning product answer made me smile... ok, maybe not the best fill in I have come up with :)

Jennifer said...

Love your hair cut!! And your answer to the cleaning product question! I could totally hear your sarcasm!

Oh and you've been tagged! Hop on over if you want to play!! :) http://justanotherdayjbe.blogspot.com/2012/05/ive-been-tagged.html