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Friday, March 9, 2012

Friendly Friday Fest

Well, we all made it through another week. Yay us!! There are a few Friday memes I have participated in or at least followed and enjoyed. Today’s post is going to include a bunch of them! I call it Friend Fest because that’s what memes are all about, getting to know a little about fellow bloggers and taking advantage of how small the world is online.

The Chronicles of Nani is my coffee shop on the Information Superhighway, where the coffee, or whatever beverage you prefer, is always made perfectly to your liking and the black forest cake is 100% calorie free. Yes, you make your coffee at home and the black forest cake is cyber-cake, but let’s not mince details! The point is it’s a neighborhood coffee shop and every regular and first time visitor is just a few characters after the http:// away.

There are a few little things to tell y’all about, but those things will be at the end. You’ll see why!

So, let’s get this Friday started!

Hilary at Feeling Beachie is our host for The Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun. It’s easy…ish. Just fill in the blanks with thoughts from your world! I love reading everyone’s answers to see how our minds match up. Some statements are interpreted so differently. It’s fascinating!

This week’s statements:
1. Given the choice to do ___ for ____ I would pick ___
2. When I watch ________ it always makes me want to _____________.
3. When I have people over I always make _________, it always knocks ‘em dead!
4. I always feel like I accomplished something when I __________.

1. Given the choice to do something illegal for a million dollars I would pick driving the getaway car for a single Mom robbing an ATM to feed her kids. Then I could at least feel a little okay about it.

2. When I watch Spring Baseball it always makes me want to eat a hot dog and some ice cream in a mini helmet. And I have a collection of mini helmet for just that!

3. When I have people over I always make cookies, it always knocks ‘em dead! (We really don’t have people over except at Christmas)

4. I always feel like I accomplished something when I get my walker back in the car when I’m out alone.

Five Question Friday is hosted by Mama M at My Little Life, at 5crookedhalos at BlogSpot. I just LOVE that address!

1. Are you looking forward to the time change this weekend?

No! I hate daylight savings time! I grew up in Metro Detroit and now I’m pretty much due south. We’re in the Western edge of our time zone. Kids gather for the bus in the dark at the beginning of it and can you imagine being a child who is sent to bed when it’s still daylight out? I used to scream and cry because it “wasn’t bed time yet.” Add to that in the summer, it was already so late when we went to a drive-in movie that my brother and I were lucky if we got to see the whole first movie and fireworks displays don’t even start until kids are too sleepy to enjoy them.

2. Are you getting the new iPad/would you want a iPad?

I don’t really want one. I don’t really think I’d use it. I’ll probably eventually have to use a smart phone and I’m not looking forward to that. There’s too much of me in something that’s too easy to lose in my dumb phone!

3. If money was not a problem, what is the one thing you would splurge on?

I’d have out train layout with a house over it custom built with perfectly placed pegs and shelves for my mug collection, a stair lift into the basement so I can play with the train too, the basement done to David’s exact specifications for his layout, laundry on the main level of our ranch and a state of the art kitchen with a dishwasher. The 1950s kitchen was a quaint place to visit, for over 5 years, but I really want something a nice 60 years newer with the vintage in d├ęcor not vintage reality.

So, right the ONE thing would be a new house!

4. How did you and the Mr. (or Mrs.) meet?

He emailed me in an online group we were both in to invite me to a presentation he was giving at the regional Mensa gathering in Michigan. He was inviting people to make sure he had an audience on a Sunday morning. A few emails later after I gushed about his show being about trains and chat about baseball, he invited me to the Tigers-Red Sox game he had tickets for after the Gathering. It’s always been baseball and trains 2with us.

5. Summer is right around the corner. Bikini or one-piece?

Yeah… LOL

Mrs. 4444, pronounced Mrs. /Fours/ is the host of Friday Fragments at Half Past Kissin’ Time. If you don’t want to join in, you should still go check out her blog! I was drawn to her sense of humor, she’s opinionated but respectful (something I strive to be) and If Mondays are rough for you, or even if they aren’t, she’s got a post for that!

Unsolicited promo done. Let’s talk about Friday Fragments.

Do you ever get what is the exact opposite of blogger’s block, a lot of little things to say? The problem is they are a lot of little things. I am capable of going on a tangent about little things. If you follow The Chronicles of Nani, you’re probably aghast saying, “No, Nani! A tangent, really?” I once wrote 2 pages about eating a single red jelly bean in a journal assignment in high school. Cute at 15 years old and a captive audience; writing in the journal for class was graded. It’s a little over the top at 46. Friday Fragments celebrates those things that are worth telling about, but not enough to fill an entire post. Instead, we out them all in the Friday Fragments post!

So, here we go…

** Bedtime last night, this morning, was 2 AM. It was a stunningly clear and starry night and after dinner, David and I went out to see if we could see the Northern Lights which can possibly be seen in Ohio and possibly farther south right now. We parked in a couple places in the middle of farm land and studied the sky, nothin’. Of course we parked near train tracks, so we’d see some night trains even if the Aurora Borealis didn’t show itself to us. It’s supposed to be clear again tonight and we may try again.

** It’s National Breakfast Month. Who comes up with these “holidays?” Don’t get me wrong, I love the concept of making every day a holiday for one reason or another. It’s just like to thank the person who made me crave a double chocolate Dunkin Donuts donut on Twitter yesterday!

** Many doctors believe that patients who are affected by the weather suffer from psychosomatic pain and that the barometric pressure has no effect on actual pain. Many believe that the weather does have an actual affect. Last week I asked my doctor what his take on that was. He said he has too many patients who have joint issues that are worse when it’s raining including some that if it was up to them, it wouldn’t affect them, that he had to believe the weather and barometric pressure has a real affect I’m one of the patients that if it bothers me, I has to be real. :D

** I finally have almost all of my Chronicles of Nani pictures replaced after the Google+ fiasco last fall.  There are still a couple of scrapbooking promotional and freebies entries I need to locate the photos for since I didn’t archive those posts in my annual compilation of all of my blogs and my personal journals. 20 years from now, ki6ts that are no longer available and smaller reproductions of pages in my printed scrapbooks will not have been worth archiving!

** Finally, you may notice the new countdown on my sidebar. Opening Day is a National Holiday that is pretty big to me, has been for a long time. As a traditionalist baseball season starts when the ump yells “Play Ball” in Cincinnati. My tigers will play the season warm-up game before the season actually begins at 4:05 PM. The TV in this house will show both games!


viridian said...

My husband loves model trains too! But he has to share the basement with my sewing area dn the kids playroom. Or the layout would be alot larger.

Unknown Mami said...

I definitely feel the weather effects on my joints. Just because science hasn't found the correlation doesn't mean it doesn't exist. I mean gravity existed before Newton discovered it,right?

Wayne W Smith said...

I am looking forward to baseball season as well! For the first time in a long one, my team (Blue Jays) actually has a chance at the playoffs although in the AL East it is tough.

EmptyNester said...

You're like me with the baseball- only it's football here. I can't stand baseball but Hubs and DoodleBug LOVE it! I did when I was little and my granddaddy took me to the Braves games, but I haven't like it at all since he passed over 30 years ago. I think it's just too hard because he was such an avid fan and I adored him! Still do. I definitely believe that the weather affects pain and health and I'm glad to hear your dr does too. I have yet to find a decent doctor around here who doesn't just want to throw a pill at whatever it is. National breakfast month? Did NOT know that. But I do love me some breakfast foods! Of all the things to see in the world, the northern lights are the ONE thing that I'm interested in seeing! I HOPE HOPE HOPE y'all get to see them...even though I will be jealous!

Keetha Broyles said...

Baseball, huh? My sport of choice is FOOTBALL!!!

I go a little wild and crazy over it every fall - - - especially College FB.

Edna B said...

If money were no object, I think I'd love a big house in the country near a large pond with acres of land to take in as many rescue animals as I could. I cannot stand to see animals hurting and no one to cuddle them. I know, I'm a softee, but that's okay. You have a great night, hugs, Edna B.

Hilary said...

I don't watch baseball, but as soon as the weather turns springy, I want a hot dog too

Tettelestai said...

Welcome to FF. I love having a place to dump the pieces.

I am a football fan, but I understand the thrill of the first day of the season.