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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tell Me Tuesday Evening

Posting late today because I’ve been non-computer busy!

What a gorgeous, sunny day it’s been! After rain that knocked out power for a while last night, it was brilliantly sunny and warm. David says warm. I say warmer. 67 is very nice, but it doesn’t get to "warm" before 75!

I started working on the table in our dining room where the radio/CD player and all the CDs are. Some serious need of a White Tornado there. For audio news in the house, I just turn on the TV and I usually get my news reading the local paper online and the various news sources that Google links to. I listen to my playlist online and seldom use that radio except to listen to the Christmas station during the holidays. I also found out last November that the CD player in it no longer works. So the radio and a few stacks of CDs and old phone books were sitting on the table where the radio goes, all covered in dust and cat hair. (Cough, cough)

I want to get the CDs from all over the house collected to match boxes and really to decide which ones can go the a used CD retailer for cash or trade. What we really need is a couple of MP3 players. That radio in the dining room has a connection for an auxiliary input. So a little MP3 player can sit right on top of the CD compartment and take up a lot less room than all the CDs on the bottom shelf of the table where they hide and push out the phone books. I put a 2009 phone book in the recycle box this afternoon! The girls loved me cleaning out the area where the radio is because their carpeted play house is there too and I found so many mousies! One thing the White Tornado project is doing for them is turning the place into a giant cat toy box.

So now, I feel a little bit accomplished for the day, but not enough. I have a couple dining room things for which I need David’s superior strength. But I’m a little gravelly-throated from dusting. Also, how dumb is someone who showers, dresses in dark pants and then does the dusting? I now have dusty brown leggings.

Well, now it’s time for Dusty’s, I mean Nani’s, Tuesday stuff


Here is this week’s prompt for Tell Me Tuesday:

What is the one lie you keep telling yourself each and every day??

I’m really not a good liar, even to myself. When I lie, even exaggerate, to myself I will say, out loud, “Who are you kidding?”

I guess the one lie I’ve used is that profanity helps dispel pain, or at least that it releases negative energy so you can refocus. I read it online somewhere and I decided I’d try it. I don’t try things on other people and I don’t try things that might be dangerous, but if it won’t harm anyone, I’ll try things that sound like a “could be.”

Now, profanity therapy was a totally new idea for me. As a rule I don’t use profanity and although I know the words and their meanings, I didn’t really know where to put them in a sentence, still don’t. So one frustrated day I experienced some pain in my lower pack while trying to move something and I tried it. I was home alone so I screeched the expletives loud. They didn’t make sense because all I did was say a bunch of them. I felt good for having gotten the energy out, but ashamed for sounding so stupid. I’ve always considered, and my nieces were raised knowing, that profanity was for people who couldn’t use English. I did include the exception that when people are in pain or scared they sometimes get temporarily stupid, but using profanity all the time in relaxed speech was just plain dumb. But they were in no way to accept the definition from anyone who called it “grownup words.” That was the dumbest thing I’d ever herd said to a child. (“Boy I can’t wait until I’m BIG so I can say…” come on!)

What I did find was it’s not the profanity that dispels the negative energy, it’s the yell. Much like a weightlifter grunts when he or she lifts the barbell. So I’ve mostly replaced the profanity with grunts and growls. I sound like a cave-woman, but it helps get the job done. David is really the only other soul who’s heard my attempt at profanity therapy. By nature I just don’t use those words around other people. I couldn’t help but think it was fair if they judged me for it.

There is a little humor in what David has heard.  I use it very awkwardly and well, my personality and inflection, I sound like an unhappy cheerleader yelling the cheers that are banned. “Beep-beep, beep-beep, beep-beep-beep” begged to be followed by “score for the other team sucks, sucks, sucks!” It's not really a good career choice for me. Banned cheers and a short skirt in a wheelchair? Yeah, they wouldn’t even let me in the stadium. I’ll stick to grunts and growls

And with that confession, the lie to myself will never fly again! Thank you!

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Edna B said...

Nani, have you thought of ripping some of your favorite music from your old CD's onto your PC as
mp3's before you get rid of them? You might even be able to put some mp3's on your Kindle too. Just a thought. I admire all your ambition and shall try to use it on my backroom one of these days. lol. Have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Ronalyn said...

We have over 600 cds. I have put all of them on Itunes (THAT was a chore!), yet, have a hard time getting rid of the actual CD.

Dan has an MP3 jack in his new car, but I don't. I still pull out my CDs to play in the jeep (which I have a 5 CD player in the back of). I have a adapter that I can listen to my ipod through the radio, but depending on the time of day, the weather, where I am, I might get static.

I have been told that I will be getting an ipod adapter installed next week (as a birthday present). I hope I like it & don't regret not getting a new stereo!

Anyway, I understand the CD situation. Even if I went all digital, I don't think my hubby would.

BTW - all of our CDs are in alphabetical order. It's an OCD from when I worked at Sam Goody. :)