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Saturday, March 31, 2012

It's A Chocolatey Morning

So much fun reading comments yesterday.  The Almond M&Ms caused quite the stir!!  When I was a kid, it was all about the peanut M&Ms!  The Milk Chocolate, we knew them then as plain, were okay, but the ultimate M&M was Peanut.  Keep in mind that when I was a child, as was true for many of us, M&Ms only came in plain and peanut!

For me, peanut was an easy choice for 2 reasons.  First, it had peanuts!  I’ve mentioned before that working on a healthy diet for me was the sobering reality of a serving size for nuts.  I love nuts!  You are what you eat, right?  Well nuts are all fat, good and healthy fat, but all fat.  Which makes Nani good and healthy to be around and….  (sigh)  So, I am careful now.  I measure and count nuts when I want them. 

Olives fall into that category too! I’ve loved olives since I was a kid.  There are three olives in a serving, three!  There are five fingers per hand.  The math doesn’t work.  Come on, how many of us did the pitted olives on our fingers as a kid?  I’ve even seen cans of pitted olives with a drawing of a kids hand with an olive on each finger.  I think we let kids play with olives at holiday dinners because we used to do it and it brings back happy memories.  I know I have a picture of Tori with olive fingertips at Thanksgiving!

But let’s get back to the topic at hand.  (Accidental pun alert.)  M&Ms.

The other thing that made choosing peanut easy was the chocolate.  Plain M&Ms were candy-covered Mars chocolate.  I have always preferred Hershey's for regular candy store chocolate.  Really, I’m a fan of Hershey’s in general, but even with my preferred chocolate, my favorite candy bar is Mr. Goodbar and I’ve always preferred Hershey’s Almond over a plain Milk Chocolate Bar, hover, I still love the Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bars!

When M&Ms started to expand and bring us new varieties of M&Ms, that was pretty cool!  They added the Almond to the M&M staples and honestly, the almond bumped the peanut out as my favorite M&M.  Then they added the Mint M&Ms for Christmas.  I like the mint ones for a change up, but they don’t mix in a big bowl of assorted M&Ms as well.  I’ve tried and loved the M&Ms in peanut butter, coconut, cherry, dark chocolate and peanut dark chocolate.  I tried and did not like the Crispy M&Ms.  Not a fan of Hershey’s Crackle bars.  I’m just not a big rice fan.  For a while if you asked what my favorite M&Ms were, I’d tell you Almond or Dark Chocolate Peanut, easy.  The Dark Chocolate Peanuts just amazed my taste buds the first time I tried them.  I’m usually more of a milk chocolate fan, but I think I just prefer Mars’ dark to their milk.

 Then, they did it.  They made an M&M for ME!  Pretzel M&Ms!!  How perfect a Nani-candy can they make?  Okay, as already stated, Hershey’s chocolate over pretzels with a candy shell would be perfect-er, but that’s not going to be happening soon.  My, without question, favorite M&M is the Pretzel M&Ms!  I have 2 bags of Easter candy left, they qualify as the best of the best to me; Pretzel M&Ms and Hershey’s Candy Covered Milk Chocolate Eggs.


The Candy Covered Eggs are essentially solid Hershey eggs with a candy shell.  Easter candy lasts a while because, even though the jar I keep it in is right next to where my computer is, I count them out and record my points for them, so the jar lasts longer.  Right now David filled the jar with his Cadbury Eggs.  That’s helping me control my chocolating too.  Not that I don’t like the Cadbury Mini Eggs, I do, but they’re David’s eggs and I don’t want to deprive him of his favorites!  But after the Cadbury Eggs are gone and it’s time to refill the jar, I have to make the tough decision of which of my two faves will be the last bag.  I’m thinking I’ll have the Hershey’s for last since, although not in pastel colors, Pretzel M&Ms will still be here.  The candy covered Hershey’s is gone after Easter.  Maybe I’ll find a half-off case of them after Easter Sunday….

Okay, time for breakfast.  Shall I have chocolate cereal or make a chocolate breakfast cake?


Edna B said...

I love chocolate too, it's quite a chore not to let all the tasty and beautiful Easter candies tempt me. I think my two favorites are the chocolate covered peanut butter bunnies and the chocolate covered marshmallow bunnies. Now if they would only make a "Mounds" Bunnie, that would be my absolute favorite.

Happy chocolate! Have a fun day, hugs, Edna B.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

We really love Peanut Butter M&M's here at our house. I have enjoyed the pretzel ones too. They do say that if you really want a treat that the peanut M&M's are the best if your on a diet. Of course that is only if you can limit how many you eat!