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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

“Screwper Tuesday,” Oh Boy!

(Beware of Political Rant! If you'd like the calmer, gentler Nani, please scroll down to Tell Me Tuesday!)

It’s been an odd day for me schedule wise. David is working late because of the Ohio Primary Election. We did some other errands and voted before he left for work..

Before today I only voted in one primary election in my voting life. It was a Republican Primary in 1992. I lived in a moderately conservative district and was served well by Republican William Broomfield for whom I voted when he was on the ballot every time since I was able to vote in 1984. He retired after 1992.  There were three candidates to represent our district in that primary, 2 of them were excellent choices to represent us, conservative on the moderate side, like Broomfield was, and one candidate who was too conservative for the values of our area. Most of the district agreed that the other two candidates were better qualified, but the problem with 2 equal candidates and one lesser one is the 2 better candidates split the majority and the lesser candidate won by a plurality. I don’t remember the other candidates’ names from 20 years ago, but I do remember that Joe Knollenberg won the congressional seat in November. The Democrats basically put in a throw away candidate in the district we were in because for years Broomfield was unbeatable and we were considered “Republican Territory” but that year, a good moderate Democrat could have won that seat. Instead Knollenberg won pretty much by default.

This year in Ohio, I voted in the Democrat Primary. Due to Republicans in Columbus peeing on rocks, that is redistricting that happens in any state when the capitol changes parties, we’ve lost representation by a great member of congress, Marcy Kaptur, and she is in danger of losing a seat all together as they have combined parts of Toledo and Cleveland into the same district. Um, it’s cramming the city areas together to push out the Democratic representatives. Oh, I know the Democrats do it too, but I think redistricting is something that should be done after the Census IF necessary because of population growth or movement. It’s cheating, cheating the people for the good of the party; again. If redistricting is done to cram the “other party” together so they are less represented, then the entire state is not represented. It’s electing officials from different areas that gives an honest representation of the political needs and wants of the state. My opinion and I’m open to factual data that says I’m wrong, but in a state with a lot of acreage of farms and maybe 4 or 5 cities of notable population size, those cities should not be sharing congressional districts. We have 18 representatives and if one represents 3 times the people of any 2 others combined, it’s very “special” math!

Anyway, we didn’t even make it into the district that Marcy is in. I guess the Republicans in Columbus consider our neighborhood to be a “good neighborhood.” I feel dirty. I don’t want any political party to call me “good” or “equal.” That’s an insult!

Anyway, that’s my take on Screwper Tuesday. I didn’t want to vote in the Republican Primary at all. I don’t care who they choose from the nuts wanting to be President, I won’t vote for them. They frighten me. I truly don’t think the incumbent could harm the country more than the Right’s lunatic fringe candidates could devastate it given the opportunity. Give me two decent and qualified candidates who are respectful to each other. I miss the days of respect for your opponent and most importantly, for the people.

I’m not a loony left liberal. Loony Left Liberals would probably stone me for my opinions on crime and punishment. Some moderate conservatives might help them. I’m an American, moderate; little left and little right. Help people, but expect something in return from them for the help and don’t spend everything we have to do it. If the elected officials spent a little time using their brains and consciences, they might actually be PROgress instead of its opposite. And by conscience I mean that they are there to serve EVERYONE they represent and not just their party, themselves, or only the people who voted for them, consider what is in the best interest of the people not the party or the next election when they vote. If the country, and each state, is in a better political place and things have improved going into the next election, the run for an incumbent will be a lot easier, regardless of any single issue or what they thought of it. It helps to be part of a successful whole instead of a “winning” part of a giant bickering failure.

Stepping down from soapbox…or I guess wheeling down the soapbox’s ramp? I couldn’t have stood and said what I wrote with any vigor for as long as it took to write it.

So, Super Tuesday made it just a weird day. Aside from voting, it feels like Saturday. But it’s not Saturday. It’s Tuesday. And Tuesday is Tell Me Tuesday at The Coloradolady!


Today’s prompt from Suzanne is this:

Is it out of reach? Or have you just not stretched yourself far enough?

Boy, after a political rant…

“It.” What is “it.?”

Well, to me “it” is what I want. As simple as a coffee cup from the top shelf or as complicated as reorganizing my entire house, I have to want “it” to stretch enough to have “it.”

Sometimes it’s a simple stretch, I use tongs to grab things off the top shelf, a trick Grandma taught me. Sometimes I think ahead and ask David to get a can of soup off the top shelf for me before he goes to work. But my stubborn side doesn’t often let me remember to do that. Weight Watchers totals say I’m NOT starving!

As far as reorganizing the house, that’s coming along. It means I do a little more every day, a slow stretch. That tests my patience with myself, but I’m doing well with that too.

In the fall, I want to start job hunting again. I’d love to find a legitimate work from home job. I'd love something where my mental and creative skills work and my mobility isn’t an issue.  I'll stretch into something new and I'm going to have to sell myself as a candidate and possibly ask a company to stretch their opinions of what accessibility means.  Truck driver is pretty much out of the question. Not because they don’t have semis with hand controls or elevators to get me up to the cab. I’m just not fond of driving and the hours really kind of suck for a married person. I totally tip my hat to the men and women who do that essential logistics job! It takes knowledge and skills to do well that are seldom appreciated.

I think I’m resourceful enough to pretty much have anything I want. I mean that. I think everyone has that quality. Some people may have bigger “its” than others, but the instinct is to make something happen if you really want it to. And there’s the point. How bad do you want “it?” The cups are on the top shelf, but I’ve never wanted a cup of coffee and not had it. I really want the coffee. I let that small thing be proof to myself that I can always have something if I truly want it. So maybe more that are you stretching enough, the question is: Do you want it bad enough to stretch for it?

Come join us for Tell Me Tuesday at The Coloradolady!

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Edna B said...

My cold has me not wanting to play all that much on the pc, but I just had to say that this is not one election I'm looking forward to. I won't vote Democrat (only because I do not want to see Mr O back for another term) and I'm not really crazy about any of the republican choices. I don't envy the person who does get elected because things in our government are so screwed up that it is a next to impossible job to fix.

On that note, I will take my trusty kleenex and have me a nap. You have a wonderful day, Hugs, Edna B.