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Friday, March 30, 2012

Trusted Provider

Posted by Gaylord Campbell

I am always surprised by how many people who own their own business don’t put any thought in to their service providers. Many of the fellow business owners who I know simply sign up for the first company they find that can offer a service they need, and then end up being disappointed in the level of service they receive. It seems like kind of a no-brainer to me—you put some research in on the front end and you get a partner who providers stellar service and is dependable. One particular partner I’ve been impressed with is my phone and internet provider. After doing a lot of research on T1 Long Island, I chose a company I felt confident would provide me both speed and reliability for my internet and phone, and I am so happy with my decision. I obviously have a lot of responsibilities, and I don’t need to worry about things like whether or not my phones are going to be clear, or whether my internet service will work when I need it to. Save yourself some frustration and do your research in the beginning!

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