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Friday, March 2, 2012

Doctor, Doctor, Meme, Meme

I’m getting into a new book this week. I took a couple days off from reading after I finished False Accusations. False Accusations was Alan Jacobson’s first published novel. I love his Karen Vail series. Vail is an FBI profiler chasing serial killers. Alan Jacobson spent years, years, researching with the FBI, making himself able to create very real cops, killers and situations. It makes his writing just riveting to read. I didn’t expect his first novel to compare to the Karen Vail stories. It was a good book, a really good book. The characters were developed so well and the story was very good too. But my opinion of the book changed on the very last page. What had been a good book became a GREAT book! That last page sent a chill down my spine that I hadn’t experienced since I read 1984. A week later and I still get a spine tingle thinking about it!

Earlier this week I started Lisa Turner’s A Little Death In Dixie. At about 20% through the book, the characters have been introduced and the mystery set. I don’t know if there’s been a murder yet, just a missing person. So far I like the main characters. Before I read False Accusations I’d read a couple books that left me not liking the main characters. It’s rough when you want them to fail and of course they don’t because they are main characters. I hope I’m back on a streak of winning books!

What the books have to do with Doctors is well, Doctors keep you waiting! I love my Kindle! I bought my coach bag because it was the perfect size for my necessities and my Kindle, and not any bigger! I’ve always carried small purses. If I was going somewhere that I needed more than a small purse, I pout things in a tote and put my purse in the tote, but errands and going out, a small purse is fine. It needs to hold my wallet, phone, small camera and lip balm. When I got the Kindle I needed a larger bag so it would hold the new essential.

I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday morning. I was a little late and called offering to reschedule. They said if I was only going to be 15-20 minutes, no problem. That told me the doctor was running at least that late! I do totally get how that happens. My doctor is awesome. He doesn’t rush patients through. He listens to what they have to say and offers his diagnosis and instructions in a strong but comforting way. Sometimes if it’s bad news, like, oh, “I think you might have MS” before a patient goes to a specialist, he spends whatever extra time the patient needs to grasp the situation. I have benefited from that compassion and I schedule my appointments with that in mind. I think the appointment where he told me that my symptoms seemed more and more like MS, was the last time I grumbled about how long I sat in the exam room waiting. I get it now and I appreciate it. So, I get into the exam room and out comes the Kindle. What was once a time of irritation has become my time to relax.

The visit yesterday was just an update on my meds and general stuff. I have prescriptions for tests for my 3-month checkup after starting my MS medication and I figured there’d be more tests required in general with my regular doc, so I scheduled it so I could go in to get all my tests at once. Today is the blood-letting day. I ate a Greek yogurt at 10:30 last night and it will be my last food or non-water drink until around noon; fasting blood work. There is an eye test and some others too, so there will be waiting as I go from department to department at the hospital. The good news is that after the fasting, there is a cappuccino bar at the hospital! Maybe I’ll stop for a roll and my first coffee of the day!

That’s the “Doctor, Doctor” part. Here is the “Meme, Meme!”


Hilary at Feeling Beachie hosts the Follow Friday Four Fill-in. If you’re looking for a quick post that lets you meet new bloggers and drives more traffic to your blog, this is a quick and fun way to do it!

This week’s statements:

1. If I could meet one person living or dead, I would want to meet ___
2. I find it hard to ___
3. The last time _______ and _______ then _______
4. Where are the ________________ when the ______________ are here?

1. If I could meet one person living or dead, I would want to meet Joey Votto so I can BEG him to stay in Cincinnati!
2. I find it hard to get everything done that I want to get done in a day.
3. The last time Kaline was sitting in the future woman cave with me to supervise and I heard her hacking a hairball up, I screeched. Then she ran out of the room leaving a streak of hairball in the hall. :( (EW!)
4. Where are the Cops when the loud summer midnight motorcycles are here?

The Friday 5 Questions is brought to us by Mama M at My Little Life

1. Where is your favorite vacation spot and why?

Anyplace with sunny skies, baseball games, trains and David

2. What is your biggest guilty pleasure?

Ice Cream, Degrassi

3. What is your favorite fashion trend right now? Or, in the past?

In the 80s, I loved the layers of bracelets up both arms! Okay, easy because it’s my favorite accessory in any era. Current fashion I love, really love is Pandora. I have a different Pandora bracelet in every dream!

4. What are your spring break plans?

We have no kids, so Spring Break isn’t such a huge deal. Occasionally Tori and/or Rina are here or at my Dad’s place and they visit. But next year Spring Break will be freshman year at college. I just can’t imagine their destinations will be Ohio or Michigan!

5. What baby names do you hate?

I love unusual names. I have an unusual name and have always loved my name. But what I don’t like is when someone dooms a child to grow up with a common name spelled in a way you’d never imagine. They are doomed to a life of a misspelled name while never getting the complements that go with an unusual name.


Brenda Youngerman said...

okay.... that cat furball story was pretty gross!!!!
And where are the police during the midnight motorcycle races?

Red said...

Hello there! I'm now following this blog! I love the questions you posed.... Just might to have to incorporate them into my post for the day.

I see you are a Reds fan!!!! I am, too!!!! <3 me some Joey Votto!!! I have been a long time fan since I was really small. My dad used to take me to the games and I kept score every game. Through the Big Red Machine years we were there all the time.

When I met my husband I couldn't believe he was a Reds fan, too. He is from Phoenix and I thought he was using it as a way to date me, but come to find out he grew up in Phoenix when there was no major league team and he loved Johnny Bench so decided the Reds were his team!!

Marti said...

Hope all your lab results are good. BTW, the cops were in our neighborhood so they just couldn't get to yours. Have a good day.

Edna B said...

Oh gosh, when I read the part about the hairball, Tootsie up an left me and went our to sit on the porch.

If I could meet one person living or dead, I would like to meet my maternal grandmother. I was named after her. She died very young.

Here's hoping all your tests come out good today. You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

Susi said...

I always have things left on my list at the end of the day. It really used to bother me but I'm learning to let go and take it one day at a time. If something doesn't get done it's not such a big deal... socks are still dirty, oh well. It's more important for me that kids are happy!!! :)

Shannon W. said...

Thanks for visiting!

I really enjoyed reading your post. I will be back more often.

Hilary said...

I so agree, there is never enough time in the day to do everything you want to and everything you have to!

Jennifer said...

I think there are a few people wondering where the cops are hanging out!

Ronalyn said...

DEGRASSI! I need to get back into it. I haven't been watching it as much the last 2 seasons.

And - YEAH for the unusual names!