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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Signs of the Times

It’s a sobering statement of the economic woes in the Motherland. I was watching the Tigers game at lunch. Gotta love afternoon game during the week for lunchtime TV! The announcers read ad copy, not unusual, but this was VERY unusual ad copy. There are still tickets available for the Red Wings game tonight! It’s the payoffs. It’s game 7. It’s hockey in the city that calls itself Hockeytown!

I know plenty of people who’d sell a limb for one of those tickets. I’d love to see them give away any tickets they don’t sell. The Red Wings fans turned over the ticket prices without batting an eyelash when the money was there. It was the RED WINGS. Now it breaks my heart on their behalf. I know it must really sting that there are tickets available and people who just can’t afford to buy them now.

For me, getting a hockey ticket is NOT an issue. When I was in college and worked for the Tigers on game days, I had thought about working for the Red Wings in the off season. But it didn’t work that way. Hockey wasn't consideed the off season. The iltch family owns both and when the Red Wings were in the playoffs, and they are almost always in the payoffs, if the Tigers and Wings had home games at the same time, anyone who worked for both was told that the playoff game was the priority. Humph. No one's going to tell ME that hockey is a priority over baseball. It was a just over minimum wage college job after all!

As for lunch today, the Tigers gave up a 5-0 lead in the 6th to lose 6-5, completing the sweep for the Twins. **sigh** Well, I do have the sweet memories last night of the Reds sweeping the Diamondbacks. **happy sigh!**

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