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Friday, May 8, 2009

Oh, This Is For You Too, Nani

This was one of those all for me days. Don’t get those too often!

First off, the new computer came home. I like it fine as I’m settling in. It’s nice to be able to sit at the dining room table and watch the Reds game while I’m working on it. I missed a few plays and even a delayed reaction to the last out as I was trying to figure some things out.

First off, Vista is a lot like the Mac OS in many ways. I didn’t get what the fuss about it was from the things I’ve done or fixed on David’s, but then again, I was really only familiar with it in a maintenance way. Now, getting a closer look, I think a lot of the complaints are from people having to learn something so new. Like I said Vista is more like a Mac than the old Windows. But that isn’t such a huge difference really, Windows has been morphing into the more user-friendly Mac style since Windows 1995. That’s my opinion, I really saw Windows move more towards a Mac style then. I think the number one problem with Vista is that it really does need 2 gigs of RAM to run efficiently and it was shipped with computers that only had 1, so they were shipping too big a system for the computers it was on. In my laptop research, it appears that is a problem that’s passed. I didn’t see much that had less than 2 GB of RAM.

My only big complaint thus far is that it loads programs like windows. What a pain. I’ve grown used to the two click and a password and the computer does the rest. There are a lot more steps and everything you put on a Windows machine has to have software. Nothing is automatically compatible. I am having fun with getting into all the system folders. I’ve never had access to a Windows machine that I could really play on. There was always the knowledge that it was a friend’s computer or someone from IT breathing down my neck. Now, I’ll be that Geek soon.

Which is the next coolness of the day! Just before I left to pick up the computer, I checked the mail and my parking pass for this semester at school is here! They really are going to let me on campus twice a week...at 8 AM. The building my class is in is also the building with the grille, I hope they serve morning coffee. A college HAS to have coffee, right??

It was raining all day. Now, my knee hurts worse when it rains. That’s just a sad fact, I have an obnoxiously barometric knee, I got wet yesterday when I bought the computer and wetter today when I picked it up! Try carrying a computer box, a purse and an umbrella when one hand is occupied with the stick that keeps you upright and still have a hand free to open the car door...ain’t happenin!! But, I wanted to get the new computer home and start to get friendly with my Windows system. I think the kids kinda like the new computer too. They stayed downstairs with me and played like kittens, until...

There was a knock at the front door, followed by the mad scramble for the stairs. It was Fed Ex! I’d gotten an email in my school account that they’d be here today. My books for my June class are here!!

To prove that I really am geek enough to be getting this certificate, I immediately opened up to the first chapter and started reading. Now I’m really excited for school to start. Yeah, I was one of those kids until about high school too. High school was sometimes a bit boring for me, but the excitement came back when I started college. Now, I’ve been out of school for 12 years and I miss that something new to look forward to. This is an area that I know just barely enough to be dangerous about. Now, I’m going to learn just how dangerous I am! LOL I think I may curl up with a good text for a little before bed tonight.

Now, I have a few cleaning projects to do tomorrow and I want to move the rest of my job hunt bookmarks into the new computer. I also want to try to spend some time with PSE. When I’m scrapping on the road, . is what I have on trial in the new computer. The first roadblock I came into trying it out was I can’t figure out how to ut shadows on layers! I can’t afford PhotoShop for the laptop, so I need to go with something cheaper, but PSE may just not have enough. I have 30 days to find out!

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