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Thursday, May 7, 2009

It’s All In The Perspective

I enjoy art in many forms, but sculptures and scale models are a particular passion. I’ve raved in this blog about the larger than life sculptures that I so love, the everyday things built to scale but so but they’d never be used except as a monument to everyday life as a celebration. I also love the scaled to very small. That’s everyday life as a treasure, a keepsake. My mooshy sentimental views aside,one site I really love to visit an browse is Zoolabees, makers of wonderful dollhouse miniatures, specializing in 1:12 and 1:24 scale.

I was looking at their bathroom miniatures. Maybe that’s because this morning I was looking at all the gray showing in my hair ad I’ll be stopping at Rite Aid for a new box of color, so I’ll be spending some time in that room today. Oh my goodness, Zoolabees has so many teeny tiny products to fill your mini medicine cabinet!

My little fantasy bathroom would definitely have the toothbrush and Colgate toothpaste set. It has a little cup to hold the toothbrush too. Hey, they even have a dentures set! I’m not ready to put that in mini-Nani world yet, but they have itty bitty rolls of toilet paper too! How cool!

I could set the mini brush and curling iron next to the scale box of tiny tissues on my white bathroom cabinet. That bathroom cabinet is too sweet. I wish we had room in our bathroom for the full-size version!

They have a plush white rug and robe and slippers. It almost makes me feel spa-relaxed just looking. Well, okay, mini-Nani feels very relaxed!

Dollhouses are kinda like a gazing globe. I bet that’s why so many adults love them and actively participate in the hobby. It lets you create a very personal fantasy setting to peer into an taker a little vacation. Yes, world in miniature is a mini-vacation too, but sometimes, that’s all you need. Meditation is great, but when you don’t have time to get all the wy to nirvana, your own little victorian spa is a nice place to rn to!

Art, sculpture, is all about stretching your mind and giving your emotional self a break from the mundane and reality. Whether I’m being humbled by the very large or seduced by the very small, I love scale sculpture. I’m wooed and captivated by the call of the world in a different perspective than my own. If you're thinking about creating your own little gazing place, your Zen House, Zooabees is a good place to get inspired!

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Happy Woman said...

Thanks for linking to me:). I am working on the code now...sorry it didn't work for you.

I, too, love miniatures. Maybe that will be my next hobby~