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Saturday, May 9, 2009

8 Things

From I Cross My Heart add-on by Digitalegacies Designs

Edna challenged me to do the 8 Things list. You can see her list at her blog, Miss Edna’s Place!

Here are the rules for the tag:

Tag rules:

8 things you're looking forward to
8 things you did yesterday
8 things you wish you could do
8 things or shows that you watch
8 people to tag.

I’m looking forward to...
1. Games night tonight and seeing the gang who I haven’t been with since John’s birthday party!!
2. Seeing family very soon that weren’t relatives yet the last time I saw them!
3. Starting school on June 1
4. Going to my first AG in July
5. Our wedding reception weekend.
6. Collecting some new states on our “honeymoon” trip
7. Having enough in my PayPal account for a new camera or something else nice for me.
8. Our first anniversary!

Yesterday I...
1. Brought home my new Windows computer
2. Got my parking pass for summer semester at school
3. Got my books for this semester! (geek alert)
4. Blogged about safety for pets
5. Got really wet in the pouring rain.
6. Bought hair color - need a serious ungraying!
7. Had neon Twizzlers for dessert
8. Finished the second unit in my current online course. (right on schedule, 2 a week!)

I wish I could...
1. Add an extra 3 hours to each day just for scrapping so I can actually catch up
2. Magically make my right knee just stop hurting.
3. Make the Wife 1500 project work faster! (doesn’t everyone on any kind of diet?)
4. Fix the economy and the job market for everyone.
5. Understand the Cat language
6. Speak Spanish
7. Have a cleaning Genie!
8. Read in the car without getting motion sickness

I watch...
1. Cincinnati Reds Baseball
2. Detroit Tigers Baseball
3. Braves or Red Sox Baseball
4. Cold Squad on Sleuth
5. Degrassi on The N
6. Kaline and Baggle play together
7. “Sqiurrely,” “Chipmunk” and “Rabbit” on Cat TV with the kids
8. As much live baseball as I can

I choose to tag...

I won’t single anyone out, but I welcome anyone who wants to try it to do so. Leave me a comment so I can go read yours. This one is harder than you think to do!

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