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Monday, May 4, 2009

Celebrate Outside The Box

I’ve been doing a lot of looking at promotional items stuff getting ready for our reception. You all know what a marketing fan I m, so of course, my brain drifts that way for the wedding things too. In fact, there are a lot of things that can help anyone avoid what’s known in many circles as “The Wedding Industrial Complex,” by not requiring flowers and veils all over the website or storefront.

I recall the business showcase I did for my video business back in Michigan. I had balloons and pens and many of the businesses had reps in company Logo T Shirts. It was a more casual showcase and the T shirts were perfect for it and they were nice company logo items for the employees too!

It would be so cool and fun to Customize T Shirts for a wedding. I’m not saying T shirts to the wedding, but for the bachelor and bachelorette parties? Many weddings have a logo, something for the favors and programs with a picture or monogram, even if you choose to do a ball game or picnic with the friends of both the bride and groom before or for wedding day brunch with the family, a lot of places do Custom Printed T Shirts in groups as small as 24 in the price range of $5-7 each

You can usually find other things in the marketing items that are quite useful for weddings at a business discount rather than the wedding surcharge too. Depending on the size of your wedding, because the minimum orders are sometimes large, you can get printed candies, keep this date magnets, smaller quantities of personalized items that make great gifts for the wedding party and of course, I’ll mention wedding coffee mugs!

For even a small business, you can invest in some good promotional items for a modest cost and if you are planning a wedding, you can definitely add a personal touch without blowing your budget using the same tools! Maybe, a casual reception or pre-wedding gathering can be made perfect if everyone on “your team” has a wedding logo T-shirt!

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