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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Did I Switch Teams??

I did it today, while David was at work. Oh, I did call him just before I did, to get any advice he had. He told me that I’d actually know better than he would and told me if I thought it was right, I should go for it.

So I did it... I own a windows laptop!

First, let me say that anyone who was thinking other than computers, SHAME ON YOU! This is a family friendly blog. Some of the jokes (okay, like the beginning of this entry) are adultish, but I have space in the basement for dirty laundry. No need to air it in cyber space!

I‘m studying with the goal of a network administration certificate and ultimately a Windows certification too. I will be a Windows-geek so I can afford to keep my Macs! As part of that, some of my classes will be online classes and I need Windows for that. I need to be able to work and learn kinesthetically too! So, this afternoon after some careful research and over an hour at Best Buy with Phil, my sales associate and a fellow Mac user who works on and knows Windows equally well, I got a laptop that meets all of my school needs, has virus protection that makes my Mac-brain a little less nervous about using it and has the required attributes to run PhotoShop Elements, so I can scrapbook in the family room while David’s playing games and we can “spend quality time” together.

I was really hoping they’d have all the antivirus and security setup done tonight, but I called and they’ll be finishing up overnight, so I’ll pick it up tomorrow. As of right now, The Reds are down 10-0 in the fifth inning, so I don’t mind that I’m upstairs and away form the TV or that Boston in Cleveland means David gets the priority game. We usually watch the Reds, except when there is a Red Sox game we can see on TV in Toledo. That’s only fair.

David sent me an Lolcat this afternoon with the message “This is perfect...”

funny pictures of cats with captions

We’ve decided that the Lolcats are like potato chips. You can’t just look at one if you go to the site. Ten pages later you’ll remember you were “just stopping by” to look at one.

This is the one I just loved today:

Now, he’s suggested that some of our kids’ pictures would be fun captioned on that site. I dunno. Other people captioning Kaline and Baggle? How? I mean, don't you need to know the purrson you’re captioning??? ;)

Oh yeah, in the scrapping world, I have a new kit out!

There is coordinating word art for the kit too.

Actually, Talkin Baseball ended up released sooner than I thought, so it did make it into the store in time for the NSD sale! But you can still get a deal on it! If you want both of them, you can get the combo pack!

The combo pack is both Talking Baseball and the Talking Baseball word art, priced at 20 % off the price of each separately!

I’m kinda itching to use this kit myself. It was fun to make! This isn’t posted at any of the scrapbook sites yet, it will be by the end of the week, but if anyone is interested in doing a one-kit CT gig, I’m offering three spots for Talkin Baseball. I’ll ask for two layouts with the kit, posted to Scrap Bird and three galleries of your choice. For your layouts you get the kit for free, your blog listed in the CT section for a month and the current bonus, Laura Add-on, when you send me your links. If you’re interested, drop me an email at chroniclesofnani@gmail.com and let me know that you’d like to do a guest CT gig for Talking Baseball and where your most complete gallery is. If you have baseball pics, whether it’s a game you saw with the family, little league or just the kids in the yard, Talkin Baseball is the perfect kit to scrap them!

I hope you’ll think about this one-kit call!

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No Reimer Reason said...

LOL on the Dumbledore cat. I am going to forward that one to my hubby!!