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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Non-Controversial Findings in Stem Cell Research

Cyro-Cell INternational is a company involved in non controversial stem cell research. In their primary service, they have helped almost 200,000 American families preserve new born umbilical cords for potential use against disease. Umbilical cord stem-cells have been proven useful in the treatment over over 70 life-threatening illnesses.

But an umbilical cord, which must be collected at birth, provides enough stem cells for transplant and treatment in a child or small adult. Cyro-Cell is continuing research to add to that.

The latest CryoCell Press Release talks about the research they are doing in harvesting menstrual blood as a new source of stem cells. So far, they are encouraged by their findings. Menstrual blood can be harvested in a non-evasive way and the cells can be broken down and change into into important cells, such as bone or nerve cells. Based on the early findings, researchers believe menstrual stem cells can eventually be used in cell-based treatments for conditions like heat disease and stroke, even diabetes. Researchers hope to also use the menstrual stem cells in the treatments of other neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s.

Cyro-Cell International is based in Florida and is ISO certified and AABB accredited and had been dedicated to protecting people and saving lives through their services banking babies’ cord blood since 1992 and their continued research in the potential od stem cells.


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