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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Keeping You Off The Menu!

Ah Spring! I just love i when the warm weather comes back to live here for a few months! But tanking the bad with all that good, with the warmer weather, so return the mosquitoes!

As if the tendency to have a mild allergic reaction to their bites, a mosquito welt can match the diameter of a baseball on my leg, there is also the spread of disease, like the West Nile virus and just the plain fact that the swarming insects and their biting can ruin the outdoors for entertaining or just some peaceful quiet time with nature!

I’ve been reading up on possible solutions to get rid of or at least drastically reduce the problem. In Toledo, we are sprayed for them citywide. It’s amazing how well it works, but on those hot summer nights, when the air is damp and people are outside, ringing the dinner bell, we still get some, and picnicking away from home? No way!

Now, bats eat tons of mosquitoes, but as I understand it, it’s quite difficult to attract bats to a bat house. And in the interim, you still have PLENTY of mosquitoes! I read a mosquito magnet review and saw the pictures. Let me just say, “WOW!”

Mosquito Magnet, from Woodstream Corporation, does an incredible job of attracting, killing and collecting mosquitoes. One testimonial from Florida, told of collecting just a huge net full of them during the most humid and mosquito abundant times of the year.

It runs on propane and emits a carefully combined mix of elements to create an attractive but deadly to mosquitoes gas. The Mosquito Magnet is on wheels, so it’s portable yo take to a gathering at the beach or park too.

If you love the outdoors, but your state’s been accused of the state bird being the mosquito, you might want to give this a look!


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