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Friday, May 1, 2009

Great Weekend Coming!

The week is over, YAY!!!

No, it really hasn’t been a bad week. There is just a lot going on as May gets rolling.

The biggest thing this weekend for me, is that tomorrow, May 2 will be our fourth Dativersary! Yes, we still acknowledge that. A big part of the reason we do, is it also means SEMMantics weekend, which is where we met in person after a couple weeks worth of emails. As much as I thought, “If he’s a gentleman, we’ll still go to the ball game, but he won’t call again,” I came to find out that the feeling of “spark” was real and mutual! Our first date was May 2, the day after SEMMantics in 2005 and well, David’s my husband now!

It was also our first thought for a wedding day had we gone that route. Honestly, I’m glad we didn’t. We‘d have had to miss SEMMantics!

So, this weekend is SEMMantics and we’ll get to see Mensa friends we haven’t seen in a year. As it worked out, SEMMantics was the only Mensa gathering we attended last year! This year, we already know we’ll be going to the AG, so we’ll have a long week later with our pals too!

Tomorrow is also National Scrapbooking Day. Scrap Bird is having a blowout sale, as I mentioned in the “Sale Paper” yesterday. Make sure you check out the NSD section at the store for 10 designer’s freebies! The freebies, including the collab Flowers Blooming part 2, are only guaranteed free for the weekend, May 1-3, so make sure you get over to check them out.

The song that’s playing first for the weekend is an old live tune from Nazareth, called Java Blues. David often tells me the coffee’s got me! It’s also the name of the NSD freebie kit from Digitalegacies Designs!

If you like your coffee or anyway the social implication of coffee with friends, this is a great kit for scrapping those friendly occasions!

If you don’t have coffee or “at coffee’ pics to scrap, there are other things you can scrap with this kit too!

Credits: Lay0ut by Jana with Java Blues by Digitalegacies Designs

My CT member, Jana, did this precious layout called “Bubbles,” using the coffee ring circle in the paper to make frames for pictures of her little one!

The first of May is also a new I Wanna Talk About Me challenge!

This month, we’re focusing on the ME and I want to see layouts with a picture of you and some journaling about you.

Here is the layout I did for the challenge:

Credits: Flower Blooming part 2 Collab by Scrap Bird Designers.

That’s all from Flowers Blooming part 2, so you can grab that for free this weekend too!

Be brave and join us in making the layout ALL about you this month, and you’ll get Butterfly Kisses by Digitalegacies Designs as your posting bonus

What an exciting weekend this is going to be! A Mensa gathering, and all the chocolate that goes with that, a little bit of Dativersary romance with my hubby and all kinds of fun, new stuff at Scrap Bird and all over the Scrapbooking world!

Heck, I’ll sleep on Monday!

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