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Friday, May 29, 2009


It's always a good time for a pic of black forest cake!
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A Little Bit of This and That

If you've heard “Kiss Me Through The Phone” by Soulja Boy, you’ve heard that number before, 678 triple 9 8212. Its in the Chronicles of Nani iPod if you haven’t. I think it’s fantastic! If you call that number, you can sign up for call backs with messages from Soulja Boy with new music information. Awesome marketing! Imagine if you are a teenager and you get calls from an artist every day. Even if it’s just a recording, it fosters some great fan loyalty.

Unfortunately, it’s also being used for some pranks. I haven’t called the number. I like the music, but I’m a married woman in my 40s. I don’t need daily calls from a man my nieces would regard as “sexy.” But I did some internet research to find out if the number in the song was a real number. That’s when I discovered how the message call backs work. I guess you can put in a different number than the one you’re calling from, because there are people getting the calls that aren’t happy about it. One person left a complaint on one of the call reporting sites saying, in all caps, that she was insulted to be getting calls all the time from what seemed like a cult offering gay sex with soldier boys. hmm...

The video, which is awesome by the way, features Soulja Boy talking to his girlfriend, future wifey, on the phone from a card game. I was thinking, “hey! that could be me!” hehe Near the end of the video you see a middle aged white man talking to his wife from the office, working late so he’s kissing her on the phone, an older African American couple and an Asian woman on the phone, but I don’t recall they showed to whom she was talking. I love that. The video is totally inclusive. After showing the young black couple and older white couple, the last woman could be on the phone with her husband, girlfriend or even hot chat with a stranger. It’s whatever you need it to be to feel like you are represented in the video. And yes, it’s much more likely that David is the older guy calling home because he’s working late than the young guy at the poker table, but I can dream for him, right?

I think it’s sad that people are using the number to prank people, but it’s no different than all of the people in all of the area codes who called 867-5309 in the 80s asking for Jenny. Nah, this is better. If fans call the number just out of curiosity, they’ll likely be pleasantly surprised and keep the messages for themselves.

In Other News, Nani News,

I’m trying to get my end of the month stuff wrapped up. I have the new challenge written up or I Wanna Talk About Me at Scrap Bird, but I need to finish the posting bonus. I’m going to see my Dad tomorrow, Dave and Laura will be there with Tori and Rina, so Dad is planning to cook up family dinner tomorrow night. I am a total sucker for Dad’s grill-feats! Sunday is supposed to be decent train weather, but if I don’t have everything done by the time I leave tomorrow, I may need to stay home and finish. School starts Monday at 8AM, so I don’t really have lots of extra time!

Speaking of school, I got my lab program on the laptop and ready to go. I talked with tech support for the publisher of the lab disk yesterday since Vista isn’t listed as an okay OS on the DVD box. There are a few updates that I had to install and now it totally works on Vista. So, I’ll be able to do my lab work at home and not have to go back to campus to do it. YAY! Have I said how much I love Vista?

I will see my new doctor next week about my knee. That will make my very concerned brother-in-law and sister-in-law in Connecticut very happy! Ben and Ellen were both on me about getting it checked out both separately and then they teamed up on me last week! Oh, I take that as a wonderful expression of family love and a after the way it just didn’t bounce back like it usually does after we went to Boston, I’m good and ready to turn it over to a pro. Just any surgery that might need done will be done with a local anesthetic. I don’t want to be unconscious. Even if I’m loopy, I want to hear it if someone says “oops!”

Okay, lunchtime and back to wrapping up May. Hey David, I think I’m gonna have a Lean Pocket! ;)

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Noelle said...

Nani...I don't know if you remember me. We were connected back in the old Yahoo 360 days. I was Chalicat. I just found you! And I see your into scrapbooking, as I am not too. That's so cool! I missed your blogs! :)