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Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Mug Shot

Punxsutawney, PA

Reminiscent of the loved movie with Bill Murray, there’s a little bit of Groundhog Day, every day, in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania.

David and I ventured into Punxsutawney on our trip East. We were of cur, looking for trains, and we did get a few really good shots catching the Buffalo and Pittsburgh when the sun peaked between the clouds. But the charm of the day in Punxsutawney was, the charm of the day in Punxsutawney was, the charm of the day in Punxsutawney was, the charm of the day in Punxsutawney was, the charm of the day in Punxsutawney was, the charm of the day in Punxsutawney was ….

And they say I have no pop-culture…

The charm of the day in Punxsutawney was the street art groundhogs!

The street art has been making big cites and small towns alike tourist attractions since Chicago did Cows on Parade in 1999. 300 Fiberglass cows were scattered all over the city, sponsored by local businesses who commissioned local artists to put their creativity to work decorating the cows. Then at the end of the year the cows were auctioned for charity. So it’s been repeated in other places with fiberglass “canvases” many with local appeal. Mrs. O’Leary’s cow was given a formal citation grating pardon for starting the great Chicago fire of 1871. There were three styles of pigs at The Big Pig Gig in Cincinnati a year later, including a flying pig. I saw the thoroughbreds in Lexington, Kentucky, featuring the common to these art collections puns, including my favorite of those, Mr. Ad, a horse made of a collage of advertising! The New Ewe Review, in wool industry famous, Rochester, Michigan, included a Sheep in the form of another famous product of Rochester, Madonna!

Phantastic Phils, giant fiberglass replicas of the weather forecaster that made the city famous Punxsutawney Phil, made their debut with Philage, the only groundhog that wears a top hat, on Groundhog ay 2004. One by one more groundhog started appearing in the streets decorated by artists from around the state of Pennsylvania. This display doesn’t appear to be going anywhere! There are currently 32 groundhogs in the city streets, including a few that are being repaired or repainted to go back on display.

David and I got a brochure when I got this mug, and a pair of groundhog socks, at the Chamber of Commerce Groundhog gift shop. The brochure included a map to all of the groundhogs and we set out scoping the city streets for them. We photographed 22 of them!

It was a fun half day during our trip. Yes, a little more sun for the trains would have been nice, but we might not have had the fun of groundhog hunting! It’s something we both enjoyed and would love to see the rest of the groundhogs with more sun for trains too.

We’d definitely make that trip again, again, again, again, again, again, again…..

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