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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

With A Little Help From My Friends

Yesterday was a very tiring, but very productive day. First was my hair appointment. After getting the kitchen shining on Monday, I deserved a little pampering. There’s nothing more comfortably social that chit chat with the stylist I’ve been with for the past 2-1/2 years. I had a stylist for many years back in Michigan, but she and I both moved out of state and she did not follow me to Ohio! Actually, she left before I did and I had many one-cut-stands, still not finding the one who I’d trust my hair with every time and even let them make suggestions.

I took a giant leap of faith in early 2009. I hadn’t had a cut in 2 years. That wasn’t the frustration of no stylist. That was me being all noble. My hair grows fast and I was growing it out to cut it short and donate the tail to Locks of Love. The Salon I go to, Camelot in Holland, OH, would send the pony tails to Locks of Love on my behalf. That’s how I met Jamie.

Jamie cut my hair into a cute short style after cutting three ponytails from it. Because of the way my hair was tapered, I had one ponytail that was about 13 inches in the middle and 2 almost 11 inch tails. The short style was cute and easy to take care of. It was shorter than I liked, but I needed pieces of at least 10 niches to donate. I’ve been seeing Jamie ever since. She does a great job and makes wonderful suggestions for flattering looks. Yesterday, after growing out my bangs to the stylish one-length that so many long-haired women wear for over a year, I had my bangs cut to the shorter length they had always been. I'm just not the constantly moving my hair from my face type! I think Jamie was as giddy as me with the results! No more straight hair in my face. I have bangs and the natural curl again! I also look a little younger than the 50 I’d been seeing in the mirror. (based on the change from 44 with bangs last year)

After the haircut, I had four boxes on my front porch! I still expect a few more things that I’ve ordered, three more boxes, but I now have all the parts of Kelly’s present so I can wrap that and send it on its way to Sikeston

I also got a present I bought for me:

YAY Spatulas!!

Yes, David laughed at me too. But the rubber scrapers we have had seen better days, especially the little one that I still used even after the top of it met with a disposal accident. These ones have heavy duty plastic handles and are very strong and supple. I used them yesterday and LOVED them!

Next it was on to loaves! I got the “Christmas Gift Loaf” recipe from reading Lynn’s blog, Cottage and Creek. She made “Holiday Pumpkin Loaf” on Thanksgiving Day and shared photos with a link to the recipe. Oh my, it looked so good! It’s a great recipe that leaves some room to play, to make it your own.

My "Loaded Loaves"

I made 2 loaves that will be gifts and two mini loaves to try them out. I added raisins to the recipe and after David and I tried it, I’ll probably use a little less ginger than the recipe calls for next time. I think it tastes wonderful, but David doesn’t care for the ginger flavor. I doubled the recipe and it made 2 loaves and 2 minis. Maybe next time, I’ll add the ginger last and divide the batter to make half with and half without

Flora's coasters

If you’re still thinking of some non-edible gift ideas with a personal touch that you still have time to make, there is a great idea for coaster sets on Flora’s blog, This and That. They are so sweet! The coaster sets are so cute and I do still need a couple small gifts. There’s just not enough time to cross stitch a set of ornaments anymore! If you give a look before Saturday (12/10) when she’s going to draw a name from the comments, you can have a chance to win a hand-made set of coasters from her! I entered for the drawing, but should I win, I don’t know if I would give them as a gift. Maybe I’d give them to David so I’d have them too!

Okay, off to fix lunch and get back to work!


Lynne’s blog: Cottage and Creek, Holiday Pumpkin Loaf

Christmas Gift Loaf Recipe at allrecipes.com

Flora’s blog: This and That, Christmas Gifts to Make


A Vintage Green said...

Jamie sure knows how to do a great cut. Enjoyed your post.

Rebecca said...

You've been super busy! I feel the same way with hairstylists, except my hair grows super slow, love the new cut!

Lindabee said...

Great Hair Cut. I think your secret is out! I found a comment on my blog, followed it to yours, and put some things together. Thank you and it's nice to meet a new friend.