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Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday By Fill-In

I didn’t get a request for Friday By Request this week, so there isn’t one, but if anyone has a request for next week, by all means, send it in! Email me a topic, anything you want me to write about. I’ve had some pretty neat challenges over the years. I’ve done poetry, I was asked to write about how David and I met, I was asked what I’d change if I could change one thing in my life, David asked me to Photoshop Kaline's and Baggle’s heads on each other’s bodies and I’ve even rewritten hit song lyrics from the other gender’s point of view. You see, there is very little I won’t try in the way of a challenge! As the one who challenges me, I can link to your blog or you can remain anonymous. Just let me know what you’d prefer.

I’m actually finishing the busy week today. I’ll finish the baking, Almond Sugar Cookies, Krisp Kringles and Gingerbread cut-outs and David will get the tree up and we’ll add ornaments before he leaves for work, night shift tonight. Hey, that gives me some wrap-up time with the baking and maybe even a little bit of scrapping time!

Another plus – David made hot breakfast this morning! Eggs and scrapple. He stocked up on the scrapple that was his favorite growing up when we were East last weekend. I was prepared for a treat! He was so happy that I liked scrapple when I tried it and often told me Parks was the best, better than any brand I’d tried. He was SO right!

Now I’m all breakfasted up and ready for more baking. I made 9 dozen cookies yesterday and will probably make more than that today. I grouped things on purpose – the Krisp Kringles are super easy and fairly quick to make. Remember this is the original Davinity and I made them with only supervision from my Mom when I was seven years old. They were a lot harder to make then!

Before I head back to the kitchen, I was invited to check out the Friday Four Fill-In at Feeling Beachie in the comments at The Chronicles of Nani. It’s a quick and fun blog and I’m going to try it out. Here we go:

This week’s fill-ins –

1. ____ is my ideal winter night.
2. I don’t remember the last time I ___ but, I really want to.
3. I will never turn down __________
4. To save money I like to ____________

____ is my ideal winter night.

I think I experienced my ideal winter night in 2005. David was meeting me on the night before Thanksgiving to drive up to Grandma’s after he finished work. Dad and Aunt Judy were already there and Dad called to tell me to come up in the morning because the snow was so bad. When David got to my house, we started a fire in the fireplace and had ravioli, with my homemade sauce, and red wine sitting by the fire with the snow falling outside.

I don’t remember the last time I ___ but, I really want to.

Curled up on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn and watched Gone With The Wind from open to end. It’s my favorite movie and every now and then, ya just gotta, ya know?

I will never turn down __________

I’ll never turn down an opportunity to go to a baseball game, or anything baseball for that matter. Ever since I was a kid, if you want to sell me something, put a baseball on it. Seriously, I chewed Home Run gumballs because they had baseball terms on them and when they did hand dipped ice cream at Lugnuts games, even though there was chocolate, I always got “Batter Pecan” because of the baseball name. Put a baseball on it and I have to have it!

To save money I like to ____________

Choose restaurants that don’t serve liquor when I go out to eat with friends. A simple salad doubles in price if you can have a glass of wine with it.

Want more? Want to join in? Head on over to Feeling Beachie!



Susi said...

Lol, on the baseball stuff... I have a friend with 3 kids, they are all baseball/softball fanatics. Her life literally revolves around baseball!!!! New follower.. :)

Hilary said...

Thanks for joining my hop! That night in 2005 sounds ideal... While wine with dinner is pricey, I feel dinner without wine is, well, just not dinner :)

Edna B said...

Your breakfast sounds delicious. Now I have a yen for scrambled eggs and green peppers.

I saved one of my cookies for my daughter in law. (She's our cookie baker), and she loved it!

My last little package has just gone out in the mail. I ordered my last two gifts from the shopping channel this morning, and I went out to pick up a gift card. Except for making up a fruit basket, I am done!! What a nice feeling.

Now it's time for a nap. It's back to work tonight. You have a great evening. Hugs, Edna B.