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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Why Does Everyone Think I’m Stressed?

So, I’m n school at 43 years old, taking a 16-week technical course in 8 weeks, planned a wedding reception and I’m in therapy for my knee and I’ve developed some nasty pain in the other hip. What about that is stressful? That’s just life. Yet the physical therapist, even David, says that they “can see why...” I was a little run-down yesterday from a few days short on sleep. Not stressed.

But wait...

Mmmmaybe I AM a bit stressed after all! Maybe I need a Human Touch!

It’s not a TMI moment! It’s still a family blog! I’m talking about a Massage chair!

Human Touch has what I need, a wonderful state-of-the-art massage chair! Their many models of chairs just look so comfy, I can almost feel the stress going away looking at them. Stress relief is one of the many Massage Chair Benefits. A Massage chair stimulates circulation, moving more oxygen through your blood to all of your tissues and vital organs making them healthier and repairing them quicker. Massage chairs can soother stress and anxiety away and relieve fatigued muscles.

Really, a good massage chair can help you lose weight and build muscle. Got a craving? Spend some time in the chair letting your mind clear and the chair soothes away that desire to cheat on your diet! Relax in the chair after your workout to rebuild muscle tissue so you can work out more often. The health benefits are wonderful!

I remember sitting in a massage chair while getting a pedicure. My goodness what ba pampering! I walked out feeling completely energized. Trust me, that wasn’t from the nail polish!

Now that I’m feeling all relaxed just writing about these great chairs, I think I’m ready to tackle the rest of that homework.

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