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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Photoblog Wednesday

Photoblog Wednesday, back with birthday vengeance!

As of 7:45 AM, I am 43 years old, no longer the answer to life, the universe and everything. Now, when they speak of me they’ll say, “Nani is just this guy, you know?”

No, there is no political implication there!

(You have to read the book, that quote isn’t in the movie!)

One thing have learned, not from being the answer for a year, but more that I’ve learned getting to that year, is that if you can’t laugh at yourself, no one will laugh with you! Now, it used to be that people thought I looked too young for my age. I think I’ve finally caught up in others’ eyes, because I haven’t heard that much for a few years, but I don’t see where I’ve aged so much since I turned 41 or so, either. I see my image in my glass every morning. Aging is happening gradually as it should. I think I looked a year old on my first birthday, 40 on my 40th and 43 today. But for a little laugh at me on my birthday, since it falls on Photoblog day, I’m going to show a little photo page of me on my birthday at a couple of stops through herstory!

Let’s start at the beginning…

This is my first birthday! I’m pretty sure it’s at Grandma and Papa’s house in Detroit. The antiques in the background are probably worth a mint, now!

That’s me on birthday 17 with my Great Grandmother and my Baby's "Sweet 17" cake.

Now watch the changes!

I could be my brother’s twin in this one! My 18th birthday party with my cousin Lisa and my friend Mike. Golden brown curls and look, at one time I wore my watch on the left wrist.

On my 19th birthday, photo booth shot with my friend, Diana, at Livonia Mall in Michigan.

EEKS! Why, oh why did I ever think blonde was a good idea for me?? Maybe that’s why I didn’t like my picture taken in my late teens/early 20s…

This one was in Atlanta, GA. Heather and I met John and his Dad and we had birthday cake at the Hard Rock Café the night before I turned 29.

2000 – I turned 34!
This is me with Tori at Spago Ristorante in Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Rich and me, the Saturday after I turned 37, at the West Michigan Whitecaps game. They had fireworks for me!

Rina and me on my birthday in 2005, when I turned 39. Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins to have ice cream with Sheri!

Nani is 40!

Turning 40 on Saturday means you can get everyone out for a party! It was a perfect night, except Kelly wasn’t there... :(

A week later my birthday surprise – the Reds tickets were not really just for me and a guest, EVERYONE travelled to Cincinnati to enjoy the game with me, including KELLY!!

After the thorough spoiling I had for 40, When I turned 41, my first birthday as a Toledoan, David had me make my own cake!

On July 29 last year, I was THE ANSWER, 42!

If you look back, I really haven’t changed a lot…well, except that the blonde thing is out of my system. But I’ve aged gradually and consistently. Today I celebrate the gift of 43 years and the people that have made them a truly wonderful gift.

If I’ve known you all my life, if you’ve been a friend and confidante, like a sibling to me, a supportive coworker, online buddy, faithful reader of my blog or if this is your first stop, thank you for touching my world and making it a great world to live in!

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