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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Is It Time To Go Big Time?

If you are selling your wares locally or globally, one thing you definitely need is a website! I was reading an article about about websites and the difference a good web presence makes in determining the success or failure of a business. People now look to an internet search engine before the yellow pages when they seek a business where they can purchase goods or services. Hey, even the yellow pages has a website now!

So you’re going to promote your small store in your hometown, or make a go of selling your crafts. Maybe you do digital scrapbook design, even web design or freelance writing. You need to establish your domain and website. But with so many places to set up your site, how do you decide where you’re site will be hosted? You need a good web hosting reviews site!

Web Hosting Geeks reviews web hosting sites and ranks them based on price and value for that price. They take into consideration in their value for price rating the host’s reliability, key features of one hosting site over another, availability of domain name service as well as customer feedback, awards the hosting site has and how user-friendly the host is.

I checked out the domain name section of their blog. There is so much information about the importance of a domain name and how to carefully choose your domain name. Hey the domain name is your identity online. They have tips on how to make it a name that will drive customers to your site.

In the current economy, it’s s important to do everything you can to ensure success for your business while making every dollar stretch as far as you can. Web Hosting Geeks, dot com, will help you find the best possible tools to build success and it is a great stretching tool for those dollars you spend!

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