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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

ADT Insurance Discounts

There are so many things that you buy that are really an investment. You invest in education. Good cookware saves money, and calories, in a reduction of unnecessary oils you can avoid adding to your food. You make an investment in air filters for your home to keep allergens from circulating in the air and you invest in home insurance to protect your investment, both financial and emotional, in your home and your belongings. How about a sound investment to lower that premium?

Insurance companies offer discounts on homeowner’s insurance or homes with security and alarm systems. ADT is a name that comes to mind immediately when you think of home security and for a reason - they are a quality, established company. A home security company is really somewhere you want a company with a solid reputation. ADT monitors 24/7. If the alarm goes off, ADT attempts to call the homeowner. If no one answers the phone, or if the person answering doesn’t now the security code, they immediately call local police. It’s that simple. You’re protected from intruders, but protected from embarrassment if you accidentally set off the alarm too!

But you are extra protected in the first place if you have that little ADT sticker in your window. A casual thief in the neighborhood will go to the next “easy” house. If everyone in the neighborhood is protected, they’ll go to the next easy neighborhood - tel your neighbors too! It’s no wonder that insurance companies are inclined to offer discounts n homeowners insurance for homes with alarm systems.

contact ADT for more information abut their home security and monitoring. What you save on insurance costs may very well make it completely in your budget to buy a little extra peace of mind!

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