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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Everyday Chic

Cropped Sequin Skinny Fit by Armani

This is new to me and pretty neat. Armani Exchange, not suits or fancy clothes, but denim, New Premium Denim Starting at $98.

J24 - Wing Printed Boot Cut

I think that denim is not just a casual classic, but it can be classy too, Georigio Armani is a well-known Italian designer, so his work with denim captures both the classic and the classy. The jeans in the picture, the wing printed boot cut, are just that! It’s such a relaxed look.

J11 - Indigo Rinse Skinny Fit

This is one of the $98 jeans. As one who prefers denim leggings because I’m not a huge fan of the baggy stuff, I just love the fit on these! This is what I’m talking about when I say denim can be so classy. Imagine this with a tank top, a sheer blouse and pearls, or better yet something sparkly! Armani jeans are made with a little spandex in the material so you can have that great look and still be able to move! Yes, I remember a favorite pair of jeans in my youth where I said, “Thanks, I’ll just stand” because it was easier to breathe! **smiles**

Now that you, or that teen looking over your shoulder, are drooling over the sweet modern style at A|X, lets discuss how to get a pair of those great jeans for free! The text A|X contest offers a free pair of jeans every day in July! All you have to do is text "DENIM2" to ARMANI (276264) and you are in to win!

If you are interested in spoiling yourself or someone special with a great pair of stylish jeans without doing the fastest thumbs thing, any A|X jeans purchase will get you a $20 gift card for use on any purchase of $100 or more until August 15. Maybe we’re talking a clean, sophisticated student-look for fall?

In addition to great jeans, there are plenty of other fun things at the A|X Blog too. Get ring tones, wallpaper, all sorts of cool back-to-school essentials.

Who new Armani, a fashion icon, could also be so much fun? Now that answer to that question is me...and YOU!


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