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Friday, July 17, 2009

Her Train Was Long

Okay, okay, very punny, right? There were no trains on a wedding gown or at the ball park on Saturday night, but day two of partying saw MANY trains and the type of trains that I like too!

After the fireworks and packing things up at the ball park Saturday night, David and I went home and set the alarm clock for a 5AM wake up. We were meeting other railfans and anyone interested at the McDonalds in Galletea, a half hour drive away, at 6:30.

It was supposed to be clear n Sunday, but we saw many clouds as the sun was rising. We met Herb, Dale, Mike and Heather at McDonalds as planned. Heather had been wanting to spend a day railfanning with us for a while. She’s a photography hobbyist (with a better camera than I have!) and has been wanting to give photographing moving trains a shot. We all went in and ordered from the the standard railfan breakfast menu. Once the eating part was done the clouds looked lie they’d break up, so we ventured out in the direction of Fostoria.

Our first train of the day

It turned out to be a good morning, with a few good trains and better light than we feared we might get at sunrise. David remarked that he liked the opportunity to see what a non-railfan chose to focus er shooting on. Heather was anxious to get his thoughts on her shots. We all headed to North Baltimore and the Whistle Stop Inn for lunch.

The Sunday luncheon was scheduled for 12:30, with our non-railfan or interested in the train chasing meeting us there. When we got there Rich and Jackie were already in front of the restaurant. While we waited for the others to show up we saw a track car go down the tracks. Track inspecting would mean less traffic on the tracks that run in front of the large windows at lunch.

As everybody filtered in from home or the hotel, we were seated. Our party took up the upper level. David and I were still wearing or bride and groom hats from Saturday, just in case anyone still wasn’t sure who the hosts of the party were. We had a menu planned, with a choice of prime rib, grilled chicken or vegetable lasagna. They were doing the Sunday buffet and out waitress let me know that the buffet had both prime rib and chicken on it for a comparable price and asked if she could also offer our guests that option. David and I agreed that was a great idea.

I went to each of the tables greeting everyone, talking a little and bragging. You see, David and I discovered this restaurant after a day of railfanning. When we sat down, he excused himself and came back to the table after looking at framed article on the wall. It was from the paper he writes for and one he’d written. I was anxious to point it out to our guests and brag about my celebrity hubby! When I stopped at the table where Ben and his family were seated, our niece, JP, asked me when she was going to see a train. I had to tell her that a car had gone down the tracks to do some inspecting and we might not get to see a train.

I got pulled back to my own table because I was the only one who hadn’t ordered. I yelled back, “vegetable lasagna,” but there were other choices. The sides were broccoli, which was in the lasagna, and potatoes three ways and a choice of soup or salad. Well, one of the soups was lobster bisque, a favorite of mine, so, I asked if I could get soup and salad instead of the side. I loved the reply!

“Honey, you’re the bride. You can have anything you want.”

So now, I’m going to go out wearing that hat at least once a month...

After we ordered a train came by. I felt a short, but powerful presence next to me staring. I looked to my right and there was JP looking at me with a teasing expression of betrayal. I may get anything I want as the bride, but I don’t get to always be right! (Maybe that comes after the first anniversary?)

I smiled and told her “I said MAYBE we wouldn’t see a train!”

Then she smiled back with a giggle.

The Patches

The Lividinis

After lunch, some family photos and lots of hugs, kisses and good byes, we went to the railfan park in Deshler with Dale and Herb.

Dale, David and Herb at the park in Deshler.

There were quite a few people there on what turned out to be a really nice afternoon. It still amazes me how many people know David at the very least by his Train Orders name. We were teased, as a bride and groom, that we could use the trailers if we wanted to!

As it turned it, the hat I really liked did have
a long enough veil on it to give the groom an
opportunity to lift the veil for a kiss!

As it started to near sundown, Dale and Herb left to go towards home, the other railfans left and it was just us. David commented that it was crazy planning and an exhausting weekend, but it was kind of sad that it was over.

We were parked near the tracks waiting for that last train of the day in the warm brilliant angled light of sundown, sitting on the open truck gate. He commented that it would be awesome to have a photo of it, but someone to photo it would ruin the romance of that moment. It was a perfect romantic ending to a fun and loving weekend with friends and relatives, our family.

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Edna B said...

Nani, I love your stories. I feel as though I was there enjoying the weekend with you. Your photo of "The first Train of the day" is great.

I enjoyed seeing all all the photos from the weekend, and I absolutely love your hat and veil.

As for school, you will do just fine. I went back to school when I was 38, and got my masters. It did feel a bit funny at my age, however anyone my age was there to seriously learn. So go for it Lady. I know you'll do just fine.

Hugs, Edna B.