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Friday, July 10, 2009

Time to Treasure

Now you all know how I feel about watches that cost a down payment on a house, but I never said that a good watch wasn’t worth an investment. I’m just choosy about where and how much to invest. I think everyone should have one good piece of jewelry, a quality rain coat and every now and then to be spoiled with a facial, pedicure or massage. Aren’t they all great gift ideas?

A good watch is just a classy piece of jewelry, There is an air of accomplishment about it. This is the time of year to think about those things too! What a great gift to a student leaving home for college in the fall! A pair of watches for a wedding or anniversary gift, time together, or to your spouse, the gift of my lifetime. It kinda gives me that warm and fuzzy goose-bumpy feeling!

I found some sweet watches at bluedial.com! I was browsing the Seiko Watches and found one that is just beautiful! Two-toned gold plated braid with a black face, a perfect match for my wedding ring! Seiko is a name that says quality time pieces and the price at bluedial is affordable as an investment is a quality time piece without skipping a few mortgage payments!

If you want to find that gift that says “I’m proud,” the gift that says, “I love you,”bluedial is the place to look first!

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