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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Here Comes The Cake


This was the part of the wedding celebration I was really looking forward to. After David and I met with Mary, the designer form Haas Bakery here in Toledo and share her idea for the cake with us, I was just plain excited to see it! We’d tasted the samples and KNEW it was going to be an awesome dessert for our guests, but you only have this picture in your head for the presentation, ya know? It was a cake never done before, so there were no pictures to show us, just a portrait to paint in our minds. But we were excited to see it!

Haas bakery does the cakes for the Mud Hens’ catering, so they know baseball. They also do wedding cakes, so they know weddings. Mary heard my original thoughts on a cake and let her art shine!

When I first ordered the cake, I figured we were probably taking a sheet cake, but I’d see if maybe they could do layers to make it wedding-ish. I said I wanted something that was baseball but still wedding in decoration. I was thinking maybe a sheet cake with a baseball diamond and wedding bells, r the layer cake with a smaller layer on top with flowers and baseballs. Paige, who was orchestrating the catering for our picnic called with May’s initial idea. She suggested a dome top layer decorated like a baseball. How cool!

Paige suggested that it would be a good idea to stop in and talk to Mary ourselves. Besides getting the details right, we could order the cake direct and save the middleman money of ordering the cake through catering. Did I say how awesome the Mud Hens were in doing so much to make the evening great and in budget? When we met with Mary, I suggested the idea of really wedding-caking it up by using the Pedestal. Mary suggested the baseball on the top tier and do the bottom as a wedding cake. We had the bottom layer in chocolate with decadently chocolate frosting, which met David’s desire no NOT have white frosting. The top layer was cappuccino cake with necessarily white frosting building up the shape of the baseball, meeting my desire for butter cream frosting. Don’t get me wrong, I love their chocolate frosting and the cake was so moist and rich, but good butter cream frosting I could grab a big spoon and indulge like it’s Ben and Jerry’s! This was good, VERY good, butter cream frosting! The chocolate bottom was decorated in traditional white wedding style with accents in Reds and Red Sox red to match the stitching on the top layer. Perfect for our baseball reception!

When our awesome cake came out after dinner, the camera flash lit up the picnic area. I instructed Tori, the manager of my camera for the evening, to make sure there were lots of photos of the cake! It really hadn’t occurred to me that we’d do the bride and groom stuff with the cake. I was actually thinking everyone would get a little bit to “ooh and aah” over it and they cut it and serve it. Well, Vicki, our attendant, came out with the knife and presented it to us. A cake that wonderful really did deserve the pomp and circumstance of the royal bridal treatment! So, David and I cut the first slice together, fed each other the first bite and kissed by the cake for photos.

One of the requirements I had about our cake was that it was to be big. I would rather have half a cake in our freezer than for anyone to be turned down if they wanted a second slice. We ended up with three chunks of the chocolate and two of the cappuccino in the freezer that we can share when those who couldn’t make it come to visit. It was just perfect.

After dinner, a group of our guests went down to the seating area with David to watch the rest of game two and I stayed in the picnic area with the rest of the guests, talking and looking over to the field when it got noisy because something was happening. Yeah, we were SO not the ordinary bride and groom, but we were a spoiled bride and groom just the same!

After game two was a break while they set up for the fireworks. There is just no better end to wa wedding reception than fireworks! Then it was home and realizing that as the day caught up with us, we were TIRED! And we needed to be in Galletea at 6:30 to meet railfans for the Sunday festivities!

Coming Soon - Sunday Trains!

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Dawn said...

OK, we really should meet up sometime!! I go to church with the Haas'!! I just moved from Perrysburg Township to Toledo- out by Westfield Mall :)

Beautiful Cake!!!