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Friday, July 10, 2009

Rainy Days and Mud Hens?

Sung to the tune of “Ironic” by Alanis Morissette

It’s like ra-a-ain
on your reception day
It’s a baseball game
but they’re still gonna play,
It’s free food,
so come anyway...

The Toledo, Ohio forecast for tomorrow calls for showers and thunderstorms before noon! Fortunately, the guests are scheduled to arrive around 5, and game 1 starts at 5:30. There is just a chance f showers tomorrow evening and we are under cover in our picnic area. I really do think it’ll be okay. It’s just that the forecast, well, it makes me laugh. Thank goodness I’ll have a baseball cap to protect me and no heavy, 5-mile long dress to drag through the mud! :)

We have everything except the balloons and poster board. The poster board is to make the airport-style sign to let the guests know that Tori and Rina are the ones with their tickets. I’m going to get a mylar wedding balloon and a few latex ones for our balloon release after cake. We’re releasing balloons in memory of the loved ones who aren’t here to celebrate with us and in honor of David’s Mom who can’t do the traveling.

My back is feeling a little weak today, but not sore. Tori and RIna have been awesome for helping me get things ready. We got things picked up downstairs today and are working on laundry. I claimed that I bribed them with Taco Bell for lunch, but that was as much a celebration of feeling back up to driving as anything!

This evening, our friend, Doug is coming in from Maryland. He’s staying here tonight. Kelly was supposed to be in tonight too, but there were a couple things she had to stay in Missouri for. She was SO bummed on the phone, but she’s visiting for a few days at the end of the month and there is a day trip to see Scotty and John already planned!

I’m kinda procrastinating on my chapter 10 homework. I did my first run on the chapter review questions and got eight out of 25 wrong, so I have to probe through the chapter and find the right answers to resubmit them. Gotta love the online part of the class for that. I want to be sure I have the concepts down before I tackle the case projects. No second chance on those. I really do want to try to finish it up tonight so I don’t end up stuck doing it Sunday night!
Okay, but for now I’d better get back to it. Don’t forget 35% off ALL Digitalegacies Designs items at Scrap Bird this weekend!! I’ll likely blog about the weekend very soon!

Remember, rain or shine, it’s up to YOU to have a great weekend!

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