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Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Mug Shot

O'Malley's Galley
Ortonville, Michigan

This is one of three mugs I brought home this weekend. All three have fun stories, but this one has the most interesting, maybe the silliest story with it, but it has one of the neat mug stories too. First, I’ve never been to this restaurant and second, it’s stolen merchandise!

Lemme ‘splain!

When David and I went to Owosso this past weekend for the steam festival, we went to cheap route, that is we stayed at the Hotel Dad and Aunt Judy about 20 minutes away from the festival! Friday and Saturday nights we got in after dinner following a wake up before dawn on the move all day days chasing steam trains, so we got just a little time with Pop and Aunt Judy before turning in and waking up early again. I managed morning coffee with my early-rising father, but we all didn’t really get a chance to visit and really talk until Sunday afternoon.

Pop made me birthday-dinner, including as many grilled zucchini with his breading topping as I could handle with dinner and two meals worth of leftovers to take home. Aunt Judy found the most chocolate-chocolate-chocolate cake she could for dessert. We had some chuckles about when I was born.

I joke about being born at 7:45 AM, so Mom could be well-rested for the first pitch of the baseball game that night, but he fun story of that day was really that Pop walked into the bedroom that morning with two pairs of pants, work pants and his suit pants, and asked Mom which one he was putting on because she had just started into labor. As my Dad recalled it, he wore the suit pants to take Mom to the hospital, checked her in and parked the car. When he got to the waiting room, there were a couple of people there talking to a doctor who was suggesting to go get some breakfast. They’d been in since the early hours of the morning and would be a few more hours. Moments later when the doctor was asking for his name, the young man expecting news of how long his wife would be delivering their first child, the doctor said, “Congratulations, you have a baby girl.”

14 months later Mom’s delivery of my brother was similarly quick. My Noni had told her she should have more babies because she does it so well. It has long been my take that they hurried up to do it again after me, but, not having the same great success, quit after my brother. Of course, he has a different story, but, he can tell that tale in September! The midsummer is MINE!

Through the years there have been many jokes and “favors” exchanged between Pop and me. today’s mug is one of those “favors.” I don’t really think the mug was actually mine when Pop got it. But I ended up with it to ease Aunt Judy’s conscience. O'Malley's Galey recently opened a new location near where they live. My Dad liked the restaurant and the mug and asked their waitress if he could buy one. She told him they weren’t for sale. He was disappointed. Now, I do know it’s totally in my Dad’s nature to joke about stealing the mug, but not at all in his character to actually do it. When the end of dinner and time for the bill came, the waitress set extra napkins on the table next to his mug. Then she smiled and said, “I’m not looking!”

Pop wrapped up the mug and put it in Aunt Judy’s bag. He’s been picked on since then for making her steal it for him!

I was taking home a similar kind of mug, advertising for the restaurant it was used in, when we visited Grandma for Easter. On Easter Sunday I was given the advertising mug for the restaurant where we had brunch, but I left it at Grandma’s and she brought it with her when Pop picked her up for our reception. Dad paired the new “stolen” mug with the one I’d brought home from Easter brunch, telling me it would relieve Aunt Judy’s guilt!

It was a fun kickoff to my birthday festival and an interesting look into how my generosity and my tendency to make the smallest things a good story can definitely be traced back to my Dad.

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