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Friday, July 17, 2009

Everything is Zenni

Money...Insurance...Still Money...Yeesh!

I’m always blown away at the costs for things like, oh, like eyeglasses. I have to have glasses to drive, to read,mto see the computer screen and I need an extra pair to see in the sun too. Holy Moley it can really drain the bank!

I’ve got decent optical insurance, but that covers a new pair of glasses every two years and one frame to go with that. There’s a limit on what I can spend on the frame too, the rest is out of pocket. I need a different prescription for computer/reading than I do for distance and I’ve tried wearing bifocals before without success, so a pair of glasses or even just new lenses, plus reading glasses, sunglasses and a back-up pair...well, you can see, the out of pocket gets up there!

How about the insurance pays the lion’s share of the first pair and then I take my prescription where I can get the same frames I’m trying on for a fraction, serious fraction of the cost?

Zenni Optical offers eyeglasses online with YOUR prescription with prices starting at $8.00! That’s not just the frame, that’s the prescription lenses too and UV protection, anti-scratch and polishing and beveling are all free. There are some options that have nominal additional cost, but if you are a glasses wearer, you know how drastically reduced those costs are too!

This pair is almost the same as my regular glasses. I want glasses that don’t look like I’m wearing glasses. Believe me, rimless frames run from $150-to over $350 for the frames alone. Then you add the cost for the lenses, any tints, etceteras. This pair is $25.95 and the $50 antireflective coating that’s a must-have if I want to keep up the appearance of no glasses is only $5.00!

Zenni has been talked about by many news media sources and gets an enthusiastic thumbs up. If you’re skeptical, buy one backup pair for less than ten dollars instead of a couple hundred and give it a try. Odds are you’ll be back for more!

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Kimberkatt said...

Holy smokes! That is cheap! I wear glasses for distance only, but I do not have insurance to cover the cost of frames and lenses! This is great! Thanks Nani! :-)

I have a surprise for you on my blog! Come on by to pick it up! :-)