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Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Sounds of Summer

For me, the sounds of summer have always started with that first pitch on Opening Day, but there is a full album of summer tones that just make me breathe a happy sigh. I love summer and what it does for all of my senses. I love the sounds of kids playing outside, that momentary rumble of a passing car with the windows down and the music loud, the whir of the spokes on bicycles or even that scraping the pavement noise of a Big Wheel on the sidewalk. I also love the scratch and whir of a skilled kid on a skateboard, especially in a skateboard park where you can hear the sounds change as a ramp gone over or a jump made.

At Warehouse Skateboards they have so many things vital to skateboarding. Whether you’re looking at their huge selection of longboard skateboards or if you’re interested in building your own custom board, there is just some cool stuff there!

I asked Rina if she’d ever tried skateboarding. She’s tried it on a cousin’s board, but she fell. I wondered of a good set of pads and a helmet would fix that. Warehouse Skateboards has those too and some cool skateboarding clothes to coordinate with the helmets and boards. If you have someone who wants to try something a little extreme, or even if that person of yours is you!

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