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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits

So many things going on! I’m taking a pre-lunch break right now. I’m already behind today!

I can’t locate my double boiler! Oh, we actually have a few, David had a ton of pots and pans when I came into this situation and I brought some of my own too. But my double boiler is missing. I’ve made my Krisp Kringles for Christmas in that double boiler for 35 years. The magic of Christmas Davinities is in it. David is having a busy enough day that he didn’t text back this morning after I’d spent about an hour searching! :(

So, now will be lunch and Mr. Goodcookies. Then I’ll search a little more for the double boiler. It’s just going to be harder work to make it CHRISTMAS Davinities with a different double boiler. There are cherished and nostalgic dents in that one!

Scrapping news!

You might have noticed some changes in the creative team part of my sidebar! I’m no longer on RC Mama Designs’ CT! Sherrie has decided, at least for a while, to hang up the pixel brush. She was having nasty headache troubles when she was spending any time at all, really, in front of the computer! I hope she can get a solution to her troubles! Even if she decides not to go back to designing, there’s still that plain digi scrapping addiction to deal with!

Sherrie is still blogging from time to time and you can leave her a bit of encouragement or a holiday wish at her blog RC Mama Designs.

Also, Darlene has left DSO as of the end of November. At SAS, she left the hosting job for the My SAS-y Self challenge and is ow officially the organizer of their regular blog-hop parties! Cool job and that means look out for those fantastic freebies! In fact, I stopped at Darlene’s blog just today, where she has a great sampler from her “Dear Santa” kit. She is also giving details for the next SAS blog hop, which is a Christmas hop scheduled to start December 14! Be sure to check out her blog for the details! Darlene Designs

Darlene is also going to be participating in “Christmas Around The World” again this year and, oh, me too! BE on the lookout Friday for a new freebie from Digitalegacies Designs as part of “Christmas Around The World!” The color swatch is wonderful, I loved working with it and I’m pretty pleased with the results. So look for great parts of that super gianormous mega endeavor on Friday from Darlene Haughin and from Digitalegacies Designs! Clear out some space on your hard drive because there will be a LOT to download this weekend!

You’ll also see a new clickable icon in the scrapbook sites area. Darlene is designing at Scrap Bird. It’s a great, fairly new site with some great new designers too. Keep an eye out as the family grows there!

You can get all of Darlene’s Christmas kits for 25% off at both of her stores!

Okay, off to find that magical double boiler, make some cookies and...um...oh yeah - have lunch!

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