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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Afternoon Break Giggle

Okay, you all know that I’m a stats geek and monitor the heck out of The Chronicles of Nani. I had a hit today that brought the seeker to the Monday Mug Shot, but they weren’t looking for a cup of coffee!

The search terms they used on Google were “old time mug shot” and The Chronicles was one of the front page picks for the search! That probably has to do with that spider I told you l about some time back! The spider not withsquishing, the other hits for “old time mug shot” were interesting.

I had forgotten about Mel Gibson having been busted in 2006 for being a general drunk jerk one night. Yes, I do realize that you have to be stupidly and cruelly drunk to get busted for it. He was and he did. But I’d never seen the police mug shot. Have you? I mean isn’t it strange that a star gets brought in and the mug shot wasn’t ALL over TV and the web?

According to the first hit for “old time mug shot,” fearing a Nick Nolte image that was just everywhere making him look like a crazed homeless person, Mel “tidied himself up at the water fountain before he got his picture taken. I guess either he was sobering up or his vanity is a tea totaler!

click image to see the Smoking Gun page!

That’s the mug shot. I don’t even look that good sober and he was drunk and 50 in 2006! That’s ten years older than me. :::shaking head::: Mmm-mmm..HUMPH!

But I didn’t sit before the keys to tell you how good Mel Gibson looked after a drinking and driving binge at 50 years old. I wanted to share where I got the picture! There is a site for this kind of mug shot! The Smoking Gun has an archive of celebrity mug shots! Yes, all those people who think they are above the laws we have to follow, or anyway for some of them, they do when they are in an altered state. Some are just in a terminally altered state! I get a slightly demented kick out of seeing the “beautiful people” when they're not so beautiful!

Check it out! http://www.thesmokinggun.com/mugshots/index.html

But remember to come back on Monday for a picture of a useful mug!

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