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Thursday, December 4, 2008

It’s Crunch TIme Already??

Late turkey days definitely increase the holiday stress. I’m trying to juggle time, money and brain power this month and I have a weekend less to do it all with!

I have lot of baking to do. That’s such a big must this year since I don’t have the cash flow to do much gift buying. I’m gift making, including edible gifts. We also have to get the house cleaned up for our party. I’m also preparing a mini kit for Christmas Around The World. Oh yeah, and I do this in the evenings because our weekends are already booked.

I’m stealing a couple hours a day from job hunting right now too. This is not the time of year companies hire new people or even call back a lot. It is the time to get resumes out and in front of people. Fortunately cold-call, unsolicited, resumes really don’t differ a lot from cover letter to cover letter. Insert the new company name and then it’s generally “I’m hoping to secure a full time position in marketing, coordinating or creative. This is me in a nutshell. I am a really cool employee.” So I can actually do a lot in a little time. It is a time of year that is common for turnovers or retiring and that makes it a good time to have your resume on a desk or desktop. I’m just praying that the new year will bring some work related blessings for me!

I also have train photos I’ve been collecting all year for my end of the year show that I hope to have done in time for the railfan gathering in Dayton in between the holidays, but I honestly don’t know if I’ll be able to get it done this year. It would be the first year since David and I met that I haven’t had something to show and that would make me unhappy, but I’d be more unhappy if I showed up in Connecticut empty-handed or if I had to call and cancel our Christmas party. I wouldn’t get to see any of my friends for Christmas then. That would definitely be worse! So, I’m going to keep on going like crazy and see if I can’t manage to get it all done! I can sleep in 2009 right? ;)

What gifts are being bought are coming along well. Shutterfly is so great! They have easy-to-design yourself gifts and they print digital scrapbooks too - great quality, full bleeds and beautiful hard cover books, with your designed covers too! I am so happy with them and they have phenomenal customer service! I have relatives who read the blog every now and then, so I can’t elaborate, but I got a Christmas gift order in as well as a couple of Christmas cards orders and they are just awesome! I did train cards for the first time this year and David and I will send our train cards together. I think my cards look pretty good! I’m not ashamed to have them on the door with all the cards we get and I think David is kinda looking forward to bragging about his girlfriend who likes trains! There will be much signing and addressing this weekend!

I was happy to see my PayPal account credited with the first fruits of my blogvertising efforts! If anyone was thinking that maybe they could write an occasional post for a little earning, Pay Per Post does work and they are honorable for the money promised if you were skeptical. You’re paid for a post 30 days after you post it. I’ve now been paid for the 2 posts I did in October. I wish I’d discovered it sooner! I write a little more than the word count they ask for, but it still is only about a half hour’s work to write the post. I wish I could do it 40 hours a week, it’s a good hourly wage! But now I have about a half tank of gas, a few batches of cookies or an ink cartridge for my printer and a ream of paper. Not bad for a couple of blog entries! I’m not going to post numbers here, but if you’re considering doing some promoting for cash and want more details of what I’ve been doing, drop me a an email at the address in the bulletin board (top of the posts) and I'll tell you about it!

I’ll finish up this post with a happy announcement of TWO new awards on the side bar award wall courtesy of Miss Edna!

The first one is the “Treasured Friends Forever” award, celebrating the greatest thing about the internet. Beyond commerce, information or a chance to get out there and let your talents shine, the best thing about the internet to a personal blogger is meeting people and making friends from all over the world!

The second is one that really makes me feel good! The “This Blog Has A Heart” means that I’m making a meaningful contribution to cyberspace at my little coffee shop.

I have to thank Edna for letting Tootsie read blogs too! Tootsie left a very nice comment on Kaline’s blog and now Kaline is staring to rethink her anti-dog stance. What a relief! I really don’t like prejudice of any type and cats, if they have any flaws, can sometimes be a little speciesist! See? The blog world is good for everyone! :D


txbubbles said...

Love this photo of you!
Vicki in Texas

Edna B said...

Gee, I wish I could write like you do. What a lovely write up about your awards. Oops! Did I forget to mention that you have one more award waiting on my blog? Gee, I sorry.

Well Lady, you deserve every one of them. You bring such cheer and warmth to eveyone that stops by to read your blog.

I hope Santa can pull some sort of "Emply" thingy out of his big bag for you. If not, keep on doing what you're doing. You seem to be doing it just right.

Hugs, Edna B.

p.s. Tootsie saw what you wrote and says she'll be back soon. Maybe over the weekend.