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Monday, December 29, 2008

There's Still Time To Be A Hero at Home!

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Have you checked out the Sears Heroes at Home Wish Registry I told you about yet? There is still time to be part of this great opportunity to help out our military heroes and their families this holiday season!

You can make a donation online. Be a hero at home, part of putting warm coats on kids or clothes for school. Some of the most wished for items from our military families are pajamas and shoes for kids. You know how fast kids grow. We take for granted things like shoes for ourselves and our kids or grandkids. Imagine the stress and pain of having a spouse fighting in a war and a child wearing shoes that are worn out or too small! The donations to Sears Heroes at Home are not tax-deductible, but really, their value is too precious for a tax form. Sears has a pair of warm winter girls’ boots on clearance for just $15.00. Even if you can only spare a dollar, 14 others doing the same can put a pair of boots on a little girl this winter!

Your donation of even just a dollar becomes part of the greater sum to grant wishes for our military families. Sears will take the total of all donations and divide them into gift cards for the 30,583 military families on the registry Over a million people have donated various amounts so far. You donation of even one dollar will put you in that group, one in a million, a part of making dreams realities for the families of the men and women fighting to keep our American Dreams alive.

Won’t you join me in giving whatever amount you can?


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