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Friday, December 26, 2008

Everyone's A Critic

This is just a fun site to check out. EverHYPE is a site where real people get to be the resident experts, the critics, for movies, music and games!

It’s simple. You go to the site and select the entertainment you’re interested in. Imagine, get real Movie Reviews from people paying the same ticket prices you do to see them. That’s what I think is great. I don’t want to read reviews from professional movie critics who see the movies for free and look for things to be unimpressed with. I want to read reviews from people like me. There have been a lot of times I have definitely disagreed with the professional critics and when we’re talking a movie, that’s money and increments of my life I can’t reclaim if they are wasted!

My first stop at EverHYPE was the Action Movie Reviews category. I needed to see if anyone had hyped the new Punisher movie. I absolutely love movies made of comic books. Now, I don't read the comic books so much, but the stories in the comics seem to make the best movies! I bought the last Punisher movie, starring Thomas Jane, and I don’t but many movies, so I am naturally a little hesitant to run out and spend my meager earnings on the new one which does NOT include Jane and Frank Castle!

The review I read was favorable, but I take that with a grain of salt since the reviewer was less impressed with Thomas Jane than I was. I think, perhaps in the world of my current personal economy, I may just wait for the DVD release and rent first. But it’s also free to sign up to BE a critic and I know I’ll be at the new Harry Potter movie in 2009! So maybe I’ll spread a little...a little more, of my opinion around cyber-space!

Check out EverHYPE and revel in the glory of your inner critic!

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