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Monday, December 8, 2008

I Sat On Santa's Lap Today!

Oh, you know you aren’t getting tired of my silly holiday self!

You all know what a high opinion I have of digital picture frames as gifts. My dream gift-to-give fantasy just got trumped!

What if I told you there was a way to make that fantasy gift a gift that keeps giving and the recipient doesn’t need to know any more than where the “on” button is? What if I told you that you can sit at home and update the photos on your gift all year long? It’s just WAY TOO COOL!

Cevia Digital Picture Frames are so much more than just a picture frame! You can give the gift loaded with pictures and hook the frame up to a phone outlet in the recipient’s home. You can send new pictures to the frame from your computer or even from your cell phone! Humph. If I’d have known about this last year, Grandma could be the most “in the know” member of the family information line!

And getting a good look at the frame and details of how it works is almost as cool as the frame or the feeling of giving it (or receiving it) as a gift!

I sat on Santa’s lap and asked for it myself! I mean I really did! He and his elf, Ollie, told me all about the frame and when I sat on his lap and asked for it, he showed me the new state of the art facility in the North Pole! Checking his list is as easy as a few keystrokes and a search of the database!

You think I’ve gone loco don’t you?

Okay let me explain! That photo up there is the one I sped to Santa through cyberspace into his Cevia frame. I thought that one was fun because, well, because I’ve always worn hats and silly head gear, especially celebrating the holidays! I was sure he’d remember me from that photo!

It’s really a lot of fun! You get to virtual sit on Santa’s lap! Tell him you have got a wish and he’ll see what he can do for you! Click that link and try it out. You know ou want to! You miss those innocent days sitting on Santa's lap too!

Click the link and come back after your visit with Santa!

Did you catch the details at the end of your visit with Santa? One person who sits on Santas lap each day will win a prize! They say you get your wish, but the prize is a $500 cash prize. It’s a great bonus, but even if you don’t win, there’s $100 off the frame if you order it from the sit-on-Santa’s-lap site, which is almost half off. That brings it to the price of many digital frames that don’t let you send new photos to the frame just like you’re sending it email!

If a digital picture frame wasn’t a perfect gift before, it is now!


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