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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Big Scrapping News!

Well, if you haven’t gotten all of the hints, today is the day I make it official - I’ve gone pro!

Remember when I told you about Darlene’s new store at Scrap Bird? I mentioned the talented new designers joining in the near future. Well, one of those new designers is Digitalegacies Designs!

Scrap Bird is a relatively new site, so I am on the ground floor. Part of that means I am going to really encourage you all to come to see my store and my new designing home! I’m no longer balancing the Mac on the vats of cherry filling in the back of the coffee shop! I’m the real deal now. LOL

Right now there isn’t a lot in my store. “A Perfect Summer Day” and “Premier Templates” have moved out of the Dollar and Dime and I’ve closed that blog. I said before that I wouldn’t put price tags on things that were freebies at The Chronicles of Nani and I plan to stick to that. “Train, Train,” “I’m All In,” “Daddy’s Little Girl,” “Letters From Home” and even the popular “The Old Stuff” will remain free downloads at The Chronicles. There will still be blog freebies as well as freebies available at the store. I’ll also still have a quarterly blog bonus for showing me your layouts with Digitalegacies products, from the store or freebies. Of course, now “Indian Summer” will move to the store in January.

In January, I’ll also be hosting my first challenge, which is one of the things I really found appealing about going pro! I’ll be hosting “I Wanna Talk About Me,” a very Digitalegacies Challenge, taking its name from a Toby Keith song! The “I Wanna Talk About Me” challenge is a “book of me” styled challenge, each month doing layouts that show and otherwise “Talk About You!” There are other challenges that have already started and more that start in January. Challenges will earn you points to collect and get store credit. Hey, participate in enough challenges and my stuff will STILL be freebies!

That leads me to the new news! I am announcing my very first professional kit! Just In time for holiday-cheer, “It’s Christmas All Over The World!”


“It’s Christmas All Over The World” shares its name with one of my favorite classical holiday feel-good songs, sung by Placido Domingo. The kit is one of the larger ones I’ve done with 12 papers and 43 elements including, bows and ribbons, a border cluster, frames and glass ornaments. Eight of those ornaments say the same thing, “Merry Christmas,” but in eight different languages! The Merry Christmas word art is also in a separate folder in the kit if you want to use it on another part of your layout. It is a great kit for multinational heritage Christmas layouts or school or community pageants.

“Merry Christmas” in English, Italian, Spanish,
German, Polish, Portuguese, French and Swedish

You can also choose to purchase just the ornaments in all eight languages and the globe ornament in a separate package.

There is a freebie that goes with “It’s Christmas All Over The World.” It’s a small sampler that coordinates with the whole kit. Now for this one, because I want to encourage you to visit Scrap Bird, you’ll have to get the freebie from my store.

Come on over to Scrap Bird and see what we have in the store and in the forums! Remember what I said before about new sites? Your work is sure to get more love and honest critiques if you ask for them. The site has a good mix of polished designers and rising stars. It was started by Mamrotka and I’ve told you that Darlene Haughin is there. I’m also not the only designer from the recent contest who is selling there. You can also find products by Em-ka and Marta van Eck!

Come get the freebie and check out all we have to offer! I’d love to hear you talk about you in January!


Edna B said...

Congratulations, Lady. I think this is wonderful (even if you didn't join our store.) I will take a peek at your new place, and look at your challenge. who know? Maybe I'll even play.

I host two challenges at Magickal Scraps. That's where I'll be selling hopefully before Spring.

I told Tootsie that Kaline was asking after her, and said to say hello. She's trying so hard to hang on to that sad little ball. I would tape it, but I'm afraid she would chew the tape off, and get sick. Of course, glue is out of the question. Although tootsie might not feel so bad after sniffing the glue for a bit. Oh my, that's bad!

I'm gone. Got to gear up for a real nasty snow storm.
Hugs, Edna B.

I think I'm very proud of both of us!!

No Reimer Reason said...

Congrats Nani. I am so excited for you for your new venture! That is awesome news!

Dinphy said...

Is that ever big news! Big Congrats and lots of good luck to you!
Ah, and of course, a Merry Christmas! :)

DigiFreebiesList said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Hands Digital Freebies Search List, under the C - Kit(s) - Winter Celebrations - Christmas post on Dec. 24, 2008. Thanks again and Happy Holidays.