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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Things and Holidays and OMG This Week!

Davinities Black Forest Cupcakes and Krisp Kringles

We got in from our Connecticut trip last night. It was a nice weekend, We got to see EP perform in the Nutcracker Friday night. This year she was a soldier in the first half and a flower in the second half. As David said to EP after the show, “I couldn’t pick you out right away, which means you did your job well!” The company did such a great job, including choreographing parts specifically for the very youngest of the dancers to fit perfectly with the program. From the just the right amount of sexy in the Arabian Dancers to the absolutely precious tiny angels, it was just a great show. I took some pictures with my point and shoot, but EP’s Dad’s “megaphone zoom” lens got better shots of the show. I got some good conversation time with (nephew) Ben at intermission too, so add that to Saturday night’s movie time with EM and JM, I got some good quality time with the niece/nephew tier of the family this trip.

Now this week is a busy week! After a hot breakfast, David was off to work. I did the kitchen cleaning and the kitty-restroom maintenance, then went to check the job board emails I’d missed over the long weekend. I think Christmas being midweek takes even more available job trolling days away. I am SURE that it’s not that there aren’t any jobs. Okay, maybe not sure, but I do know that MY job is open now. Has to be! I’ll be getting my contact information updated to launch my “remember me” I’m still looking” mails with updated resume to the recruiters with whom I’ve been in contact.

Big stuff going on and to be announced this week! I’m not telling just yet, but I’ll give a hint, probably a big hint. If you like Digitalegacies’ stuff and you have some space in your scrapping world for a CT spot or a guest spot, I may be offering something to make it worth your while to put the two together very, and I mean very, soon!

In the interim, I wanted to let you know about the call at Scrap Bird!

You can click on the call image to go to Scrap Bird. Check out the site and by all means check out the store! If you click on the designers, you can see the talent you’ll get to work with!

Scrap Bird has some great challenges and the list of challenges is growing! You can complete challenges to save up credits for the shop. There is a team mega kit every month. The swatch for the January mega kit is just mouthwatering! Of course, joining is free and one thing you'll love there is the extra attention new members at a new site get! Be sure to check out Scrap Bird and if you haven’t joined, please consider it!!

This week is another very full week! We have the annual UNO and The Fabulous Dessert Bar Saturday. We have to finish up the cleaning tonight while Extreme Trains is on The History Channel. Okay, Extreme Trains, a show to which David and I are addicted, is on at ten, so we’d better get most of the straightening done before since I know we won’t do a lot during the show! There’s also the tree to put up and I have a couple days worth of baking the other half of the cookies I did to take to Connecticut last week. I’ll do that between tomorrow afternoon and Thursday afternoon. Then I’ll finish with 2 crostadas Friday while David is at work. Considering the timing for freshness, that will finish up the cookies, with just 2 more crostadas to make for Christmas in the beginning of next week.

I’ve pulled the music and I’m sorting photos for my train show this year, which I’ll show at BORT Rail, the big railfan gathering in Dayton after Christmas. The plan is to try and have my show done by the end of Christmas Day, so I can burn the DVDs overnight and have the Friday after to bake a big batch of Mr. Goodcookies to take with us to Dayton.

I’m really hoping someone has a suggestion for New Years Eve when we get together Saturday. I haven’t planned anything yet! --deep breath-- hehe. I’m going to try to slow down, some, in January. Really!

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